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January 16

My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 389: Horsebonology

This episode contains some dark revelations about Earth's Best Animal, as well as some semi-coherent ramblings fueled by a cocktail of potent cold and flu medicines. It is a challenge; a mountain you must overcome. Suggested talking points: Nastyman, Sweat Dress, Ghost in the Eggshell, Equine Anatomy, Ski Jeans, Ann, Unrinal Transfer
posted by Tevin at 10:15 AM - 10 comments

January 15

Chapo Trap House: Episode 176 - Any Port In a Stormy feat. Alex Pareene (1/13/18)

The boys + Amber joined by Alex Pareene of Splinter to discuss Shithole week, and the immigration deal the Democrats were ready to cut. Also, the House passing the extension of the NSA's warrantless surveillance program, the barbaric new work requirements for Medicaid in states like Kentucky, and what would have been the epoch defining scandal of another timeline. In the reading series they pay tribute to the Tarfu Report by dipping into David Brook's latest with Alex. [more inside]
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Hello from the Magic Tavern: Season 2, Ep 42 - Former Bird (w/ Joel Kim Booster)

We talk to a boy who used to be a bird. [more inside]
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January 14

Heaven's Gate: All episodes

The full series of this podcast that delves into the story of the Heaven's Gate cult with empathy, excellent reporting, and serious lack of sensationalism. Includes an episode of the host reflecting on his own experience growing up in a cult, and another episode featuring listeners' experiences with cults.
posted by lunasol at 11:31 AM - 6 comments

January 12

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 1

Our heroes begin a fateful day in the unassuming, rural ski town of Kepler, West Virginia. Duck answers a peculiar distress call. Aubrey puts on a memorable magic show. Ned plans his next grift.
posted by Tevin at 10:36 AM - 10 comments

January 11

Slate's Dear Prudence Plus: Dear Prudence: The "Schrödinger's Stolen Cat" Edition

First up: An enthusiastic endorsement from Prudence for walking out of movies you don't like! Then, academic and pop culture writer Anthony Oliveira joins to tackle your letters: How do I get my husband to stop using a body spray that makes me ill? I told my "social justice warrior" kids I'm questioning my gender and they're threatening to skip the holidays. Help! My husband and I married young – should we open up our marriage to try new things? I adopted a lost cat as my own, but now I think I might've stolen it. I had a fling with someone that I later realized was in a long-term committed relationship – should I tell the other woman? And finally: My friends created a dumb nickname for my boyfriend and it stuck – how do I let it go so I don't accidentally call him by it?
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January 10

My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 388: Face 2 Face: The Mystery of the Seven Parrots

Pretty much everyone in our family is sick this week! Which means we couldn't record. Instead, we've combined the best bits from our TWO shows in Chicago last year into one super episode! Finally, you can find out why the folks in attendance at these shows won't stop talking about ... the seven parrots.
posted by Tevin at 8:52 AM - 20 comments

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People: 4. The Most Amazing Destruction

An aspiring voice actor talks about using jokes to help with the hard times, and explains how she frames success. Plus she asks Chris the most important question he has ever faced: if you were to be eaten by an animal of your choice, which one would... [more inside]
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January 9

Pod Save America: “Stockholm Syndrome.”

The President assures the country of his mental stability, Mueller hones in on obstruction while Republicans in Congress try to undermine him, and the Democrats plot their strategy to protect the DREAMers. Jon, Jon, and Tommy do the pod live from Stockholm, Sweden. Previously... [more inside]
posted by asteria at 8:59 AM - 3 comments

January 8

Chapo Trap House: Episode 174 - Ooohh Baby I Like It Raw (1/7/18)

This week they talk the latest messy bitch media gabfest about the Trump Administration contrasted against the opening of much of the US coastline to offshore drilling. Then have a laugh about the new Philly DA Krasner firing a whole bunch of prosecutors. Matt gives us the rundown in the big Intercept interview with James Risen, and takes a trip down memory lane to the Plamegate fiasco. We close with Felix's fever dream nightmare of Elon Musk's Rockabilly Martian colony and the "Raw Water" craze sweeping Silicon Valley. [more inside]
posted by Space Coyote at 10:50 AM - 2 comments

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Season 2, Ep 42 - Tomorrow (w/ Jordan Klepper Live from NYCC)

The Tavern is packed with a phoenix, a will o' the wisp and more. [more inside]
posted by FallowKing at 12:50 AM - 2 comments

January 5

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People: 92. Wisdom From The Bushman

Unsure of her future, a young German woman finds herself in Australia picking cherries with a group of ex-cons & social outcasts. She passes the phone to a fellow picker and mentor of sorts who opens up about finding solace in the wilderness. He shares some practical tips, like how to hunt and cook wild pig. Hint: Don't use a fishing spear. [more inside]
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January 4

The Adventure Zone: Setup - Amnesty

We're moving on to a new game, new genre and new world as we continue our run of experimental mini-arcs! This time around, Griffin's back in the saddle as GM as we play the Horror-Lite RPG Monster of the Week! Join us in this setup episode if you want to hear about this arc's setting, and get the 411 on our new characters.
posted by nubs at 4:10 PM - 13 comments

Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People: 30. Shopping at the Face Depot

This week's caller is a linguist who teaches Geth all about the "corpora." In case that's too nerdy for you, hang around for the story about a first date that was captured on a Coast Guard thermal camera. And if you're still not satisfied, we'll take you shopping at the Face Depot. [more inside]
posted by progosk at 10:38 AM - 1 comment

January 2

My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 387: TWO THOUSAND AND LATE-TEEN

That's not what we ended up calling the year, by the way. Though, following our grand tradition, we did end up spending about 20 minutes trying to figure out the definitive them for 2018. So ... enjoy that? Suggested talking points: The Naming of 2018, FacePics, Twice at the Denny's, Fresh Butt Dead Drop, Mail vs. Garbage, Locked Cold Room Mystery
posted by Tevin at 10:19 AM - 16 comments

Chapo Trap House: Episode 172 - So It's Come To This... (12/31/18)

... a Chapo clip show. A look back on the epic garbage dumpster trash shit tire fire year that was 2017 featuring some of our favorite moments, some new commentary and a special guest appearance from Brendan. Happy New Year! [more inside]
posted by Space Coyote at 4:38 AM - 1 comment

December 29, 2017

The Adventure Zone: Candlenights in Tacoma!

Our heroes reconvene at an important site from their storied past to traverse a perilous dungeon. What awaits them is far more deadly than they could have imagined -- and far more ... festive?
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December 26, 2017

My Brother, My Brother And Me: Candlenights 2017

Here we are again, friends, with our beloved annual swear-free episode of MBMBaM. Gather those you love around the Podcast Victrola and enjoy. Suggested talking points: Rockin' Randy the Safe Sex Santa, Proof that Trickle Down Economics Works, The Grinch Totally Naked, Drinking Frosty the Snowman.
posted by Tevin at 2:28 PM - 1 comment

December 25, 2017

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Season 2, Ep 41 - Blue Chris-Must (w/ Jessica McKenna and Zach Reino)

It's Winter Solstice time again and music is in the air. And we're visited by two Great Blue Tigers. [more inside]
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December 24, 2017

Chapo Trap House: Chapo Trap House presents: A Christman Carol

"A CHRISTMAN CAROL" starring Matt Christman, Will Menaker, Felix Biederman, Virgil Texas, Amber A'Lee Frost, and James Adomian, with Chris Wade, Brendan James, and special guests Rob Whisman and Stefan Heck. [more inside]
posted by Space Coyote at 5:30 PM - 1 comment

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