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March 21

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 24

The Pine Guard are scattered to the wind as their shape-shifting target wreaks havoc around Kepler. Duck tells the truth. Aubrey wields her mightiest magic yet. Ned just tries to stay alive.
posted by Tevin at 1:42 PM - 4 comments

March 19

My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 451: Spider-Man’s Magic Potion

Happy MaxFunDrive, everybody! We're kicking things off with a genuine POTION PARTY! Come and get strong and fast and powerful with us, and consider kicking in a donation while you're at it! This potion's for you! Suggested talking points: The Piper, Surprise Bonus Fish, Big Monster Wheel Power Boy, My Foul Lady, Guy-Pounded Chicken, The Best Potion, Orgling, DVD Dead Drops
posted by Tevin at 5:35 AM - 5 comments

March 18

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Season 2, Ep 99 - The Weapon

What is the weapon? What does it do? Poet Laureate Spurt the Elder shares some ancient poems and literature that might help. [more inside]
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March 15

Reply All: #138 The Great Momo Panic

We investigate the mystery of why parents across the world became convinced that a half-bird/half-woman monster was going to harm their kids over the internet.And we answer the question of how robocallers are able to fake your telephone number when they call you.
posted by eotvos at 11:09 AM - 3 comments

March 10

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Season 2, Ep 98 - Chunt's Wedding

You are humbly invited to the wedding of Chunt the badger and Twosidore the whatever-he-his. [more inside]
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March 8

The Adventure Zone: Live in New Orleans!

Join the original rowdy boys on a quest to hold off the apocalypse — again — by confronting a deity whose machinations are too sinister to truly behold. Or, maybe, he really just wants to throw a bangin' party. One of the two.
posted by Tevin at 5:53 AM - 7 comments

March 6

Everything is Alive: Emmy, Pregnancy Test

Emmy is just trying to stay positive. [more inside]
posted by progosk at 5:08 PM - 1 comment

March 4

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend: Stephen Colbert

Comedian, writer, and television host Stephen Colbert feels cool about being Conan O'Brien's friend. Stephen and Conan sit down this week to chat about bonding like brothers, growing a sustainable farm, silliness as a religion, the healing power of connecting with an audience, and hiding from their producers. Plus, Conan gives a history lesson as he and his staff pick a new subject for another drawing contest.
posted by rollick at 2:20 PM - 2 comments

My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 449: The Cable Pie

Just in case you happen to physically see us sometime in the next few months, you might want to listen to this one, just to explain the beautiful, grime-free spaces between our pressure-blasted choppers. Gosh. GOSH, those teeth spaces, though. Suggested talking points: Waterpik Watch, Breakfast Break and Enter, Nintendo Nephew Dog, Romance Novel Deception, Jim Carrey Party, Farm Wisdom: Down Under,  Karaoke Lessons
posted by Tevin at 12:50 PM - 6 comments

Hello from the Magic Tavern: INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future

Checking in with the alternate reality versions of Arnie and the crew, transmitting from a B-movie science fiction universe. Secrets are revealed. [more inside]
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March 1

Judge John Hodgman: Live From Portland, Oregon 2019

This week's episode was recorded LIVE IN PORTLAND, OREGON! The first case is "Brown vs. Hoard of Vegetation." Then, Carrie Poppy and Ross Blocher of OH NO, ROSS AND CARRIE join the stage for Swift Justice! They help the judge rule on cases regarding card game rules, taking photos of a sleeping friend, and being called by the wrong name. Plus music from Máscaras!
posted by Cold Lurkey at 2:17 PM - 5 comments

February 28

Reply All: #137 Fool's Trade

Yes Yes No returns and Alex Blumberg takes us on a journey from secret celebrity love letters to the biggest, strangest rock band you've never heard of. Also, basketball.
posted by dinty_moore at 12:59 PM - 10 comments

February 26

The Truth: Meet Cute

Kate finally talks to that cute guy at the bowling alley, and he even asks her out on a date. It's just like a movie romance until something unexpected happens... Written by Becca Schall. Performed by Ariel Gitlin, Amy Lynne Berger, Billy Bob Thompson, Jimmy O'Connell, Susan Jacks, Meredith Burns, Davy Gardner, Taylor Curtis, Mary McDonnell, and Stefan Schuette. Produced by Jonathan Mitchell. Our associate producer is Davy Gardner.
posted by ruben at 4:15 PM - 0 comments

February 25

My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 448: Bird Words

This episode features some of the narrowest narrow-casting yet recorded in human history, which is to say: If you've got a science report about Birds due at school tomorrow morning, we've absolutely got you on this one. Suggested talking points: Justin's Soundboard, Snowblower Preferences, Hot Grapes?, Eight Paper Towel Rolls, Moist Magazines, AI Taxi, 50 Avian Descriptors
posted by Tevin at 2:40 PM - 11 comments

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Season 2, Ep 97 - Chunt's Mom

Chunt's mother, Eleanor, a monster with a lion's mane, bat wings and a scorpion tail, stops by to chat with her son's friends. [more inside]
posted by FallowKing at 1:21 AM - 0 comments

February 22

The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 23

The Pine Guard face off against their shapeshifting quarry in precariously tight quarters, while their long-guarded secret inches closer toward the light. Aubrey joins the feds, Duck puts his board to work. Ned goes digital.
posted by Tevin at 10:34 PM - 4 comments

February 20

Everything is Alive: Alligator, Alligator

Alligator is a stuffed animal, and things are about to get different.
posted by eotvos at 5:48 AM - 2 comments

February 19

My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 447: Valentine’s Escape Room

You love this episode. Suggested talking points: Love Podcast Episode, Risky Card Reuse, Pepsi's Vegetables, Little Secrets, Bach Lyrics, Cuisines, Pizzies, References
posted by Tevin at 8:07 AM - 6 comments

February 18

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Season 2, Ep 96 - Tom the Author

Tomblain Belaroth, the prince turned actor turned series of bats stops by to talk about his new book. [more inside]
posted by FallowKing at 2:26 PM - 0 comments

February 17

NPR: Snap Judgment Podcast: Snap #828 - Kismet: From Russia with Love

Incredible, true, love story of Canadian Meg and Russian Elena who find each other online and meet in Kiev in 2006. Their love is very real, but now Elena is in danger. They decide to flee Russia together. Meg mortgages her home back in Canada and buys a sailboat in Turkey. They head out to the Atlantic and hope to eventually reach Vancouver, halfway around the world, in order to live a life together. Kismet, From Russia with Love. [more inside]
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