Call My Agent! (2015)  imdb rss

In Paris, France, a group of movie star agents go about their lives and work, they'll have to figure out how to carry on with the agency after the passing of their fearless leader. This is ...


Call My Agent!: Season 2 / Dix pour cent saison deux  Season 2 (Full Season)

The partners at Paris’s Agence Samuel Kerr must reckon with a new majority shareholder and a competitor stealing the agency’s high-profile clients, in addition to the usual passions and intrigues. [more inside]
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Call My Agent!: Line et Françoise  Season 1, Episode 2

Françoise Fabian and Line Renaud are vying for the same role, and Gabriel and Andréa have to keep them away from each other's throats. Mathias continues to undermine Camille at the office. Camille hits it off with a young up-and-coming actor. Sofia can't get anyone to come to her play. Hélène Kerr announces her intention to sell her majority stake in ASK to the highest bidder.
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Call My Agent!: Cécile  Season 1, Episode 1

At a top Paris talent firm, Agence Samuel Kerr (ASK), agents scramble to keep their star clients happy and their business afloat. Andréa fires her assistant and hires a neophyte on a trial basis; Gabriel searches for a way to break bad news to aging Belgian star Cécile de France; and Mathias cleans up his partners' professional messes with aplomb, but can't seem to shake a past indiscretion.
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