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The fictional Creepshow comic books come to life in this anthology series of terrifying tales hosted by the silent Creepshow ghoul.


Creepshow: The Right Snuff/Sibling Rivalry  Season 3, Episode 3

A misunderstanding in space ends in catastrophe and a woman fears her brother is trying to kill her.
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Creepshow: A Creepshow Holiday Special: Shapeshifters Anonymous  Season 2, Episode 1

An anxious man who is trying to figure out his disorder enlists into an organization called Shapeshifters Anonymous without realizing that Santa Clauses are after him. [more inside]
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Creepshow: Gray Matter/The House of the Head  Season 1, Episode 1

This is the debut episode of the Shudder original anthology horror series, inspired by the two Creepshowfilms by Stephen King and George Romero. The series is produced by Greg Nicotero. In the first segment, a grieving father living with his son develops a drinking problem with severe consequences. In the second, a young girl discovers a strange toy head in her newly acquired dollhouse.
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