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After a string of botched marriage proposals, longtime couple Annie and Jake decide to put getting engaged on hold until they can get it together.

Marry Me: Bruges Me  Season 1, Episode 6

Jake gets to know more about Annie's dads. Annie helps Gil write a song for his Flemish pride parade.
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Marry Me: Thank Me  Season 1, Episode 5

Annie decides to host Thanksgiving at her place for the first time. Gil discovers he has a sophisticated palate for cheese.
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Marry Me: Annicurser-Me  Season 1, Episode 4

Annie comes to believe the anniversary of her and Jake's first date is cursed when a tornado warning traps the gang in her building's basement in the latest of a string of bad events on that day. Gil reveals he is a "survivalista" and takes control of the situation, making him surprisingly attractive to Dennah.
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Marry Me: Scary Me  Season 1, Episode 3

Annie and Jake decide to stay home on Halloween, and contrary to the recommendation from Annie's nemesis, Julie, they set up a haunted house in their apartment. Dennah returns to the group's usual invite-only party. Gil and Kay go trick-or-treating, which Gil uses it as an excuse to spy on his ex-wife.
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Marry Me: Move Me  Season 1, Episode 2

Annie has some trouble adjusting when Jake moves in with her. Meanwhile, Gill overstays his welcome at a 24/7 all-you-can-eat buffet.
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Marry Me: Pilot  Season 1, Episode 1

A long dating couple tries to get engaged, through a midst of bad timing and tirades.
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