Listen and take away a pocket full of science knowledge and some insane stories about what fuels these professional ologists' obsessions. Hosted by comedian and science correspondent Alie Ward.


Podcast: Ologies: Episode 7- Ornithology with James Maley

Birds! Horned screamers! Winged pirates! Professional bird-person and all around cool dude James Maley joins Alie to talk about bird mating, monogamy, the cult of ornithology, absurd birds, parrots that are smarter than your friends' kids, a surprising fact about owl ears and history's most tragically zealous bird nerds. If you love birds, you'll be at home. If a bird did you dirty, you'll open your heart and learn to love again. [more inside]
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Podcast: Ologies: Episode 6 - Thanatology with Cole Imperi

Hoooo boy. We're all up in death and dying's bizness and to Alie's shock, it's not a bummer. Confront and perhaps OVERCOME existential anxiety as we discuss not only the science of death but the nature and goddamn beauty of life. Everything from burial methods, the latest in eco funerals, what a funeral director hates most, how gnomes die, and how to regret less. Meet your new favorite thanatologist and oddly, get the guts to be the you you want to be. [more inside]
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Podcast: Ologies: Minisode! Fall Ologies

It's hot and Alie is nostalgic for fall. So here's a mini episode on the world's best autumn ologies to cozy up your week. Considerate blood bats, pumpkin hacks, leaf phenology, and ... Real. Life. Zombies. [more inside]
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Podcast: Ologies: Episode 5 - Horology with Cameron Weiss

Watchmaking horologist Cameron Weiss sits down to talk about mechanical vs. quartz, little tiny springs, patience, S-Town and the history of timekeeping. [more inside]
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Podcast: Ologies: Episode 4 - Gemology with Kelly Sitek

Get cozy with professional gemologist Kelly Sitek. She talks about adventures in mining, the chemical composition of different gems, breaks down the test taking process for gemology and gives advice on haunted stones. [more inside]
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Podcast: Ologies: Episode 3 - Paleontology with Michael Habib

Learn about big-ass dinosaurs, weird 4-winged ones, and why a paleontologist would be bummed out about a find. Featuring guest Michael Habib of the Natural History Museum of LA County. [more inside]
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Podcast: Ologies: Episode 2 - Primatology with Kate Gilmore

Settle in with Alie Ward and guest Kate Gilmore, a professional primatologist and lead keeper of the great apes and Old World monkeys at the Los Angeles Zoo. [more inside]
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Podcast: Ologies: Volcanology with Jess Phoenix

In this first episode of Ologies, Alie Ward chats with volcanologist Jess Phoenix who also happens to be running for Congress. Learn how hot magma is, how volcanoes are formed, how screwed the Pacific Northwest is, what thrills Jess about volcanoes, and what to do if surrounded by horse bandits. Also: some valuable information about haunted lava tubes. [more inside]
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