Ologies: Episode 3 - Paleontology with Michael Habib
October 4, 2017 10:32 AM - Subscribe

Learn about big-ass dinosaurs, weird 4-winged ones, and why a paleontologist would be bummed out about a find. Featuring guest Michael Habib of the Natural History Museum of LA County.

Also covered: why Alie felt meh about dinos (DON'T JUDGE) and the realities of cloning. Oh and penis implants.
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Thanks for sharing these, jazon. I discovered the Fanfare posts yesterday and started listening to the series on my drive home. I'm now halfway through this episode, and just popping in to note that this is when I went from enjoying the podcast to deciding it may be my favorite ever.
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This was fascinating, thanks! And they're digging in New Mexico! Time to follow Michael Habib online to see if we could visit during the season next summer!

Here's a short article on him from Pop Sci: Michael Habib Uncovers The Secrets Of Pterosaurs, which notes that his theory that pterosaurs launch from all fours like a bat may be confirmed (or at least further supported) by a recent (circa 2014) discovery of fossilized flight tracks. And here's an article on pterosaur tracks, from 2009: Pterosaur "Runway" Found; Shows Birdlike Landing Style.
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