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Riverdale: Chapter Twenty: Tales from the Darkside  Season 2, Ep 7

The Black Hood challenges the residents of Riverdale to remain sinless for 48 hours; Penny Peabody calls in a favor Jughead owes her, putting strain on his relationship with Archie; Betty and Veronica investigate a suspect. [more inside]
posted by filthy light thief on Dec 1, 2017 - 9 comments

Wayward Pines: Our Town, Our Law  Season 1, Ep 3

Ethan Burke realizes that Wayward Pines is not just strange, but downright dangerous after seeing Sheriff Pines kills Beverly Brown in front of the entire town. Undeterred, Ethan continues to try to get some answers and find a way to escape. Meanwhile Ethan's wife Theresa and son Ben are in Idaho looking for Ethan.
posted by cfoxhi on May 30, 2015 - 15 comments

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