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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: The Broken Circle  Season 2, Ep 1

[Season Premiere] Needs of the many? Needs of the few, or the one? Whatever; we gotta do a thing, even if it's not strictly... logical. [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Jun 15, 2023 - 53 comments

Star Trek: Picard: The Star Gazer  Season 2, Ep 1

Captain Rios, in phase two of his Starfleet career, encounters a powerful and mysterious emissary—who will only talk to Jean-Luc Picard. [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Mar 3, 2022 - 36 comments

Star Trek: Lower Decks: Strange Energies  Season 2, Ep 1

Ransom takes a full load of strange energies straight to the cortex; complications ensue. [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Aug 12, 2021 - 10 comments

Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Child  Rewatch   Season 2, Ep 1

Change is coming too fast for Wesley Crusher's career, the unstable viruses in the Enterprise's cargo bay, and Troi's new family member. (CW: sci-fi sexual assault) [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Jul 3, 2020 - 15 comments

Star Trek: Short Treks: Q&A  Season 2, Ep 1

Spock and Number One get stuck in an elevator. [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Oct 7, 2019 - 20 comments

Star Trek: Voyager: The 37's  Rewatch   Season 2, Ep 1

According to Wikipedia, the Milky Way Galaxy is about 100,000 light years in diameter, and an average 1000 light years thick. Doing the math, that puts the Delta Quadrant (¼ of the Milky Way) at a volume of a bit under 2 trillion cubic light years. And, in that staggering volume, Voyager, which is 343 meters in length, comes across a truck (truck-sized), specifically a 1936 Ford pickup. Which can still start on the first try. And that's not the least likely thing that they'll find that day... [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Feb 27, 2017 - 17 comments

Mad Men: For Those Who Think Young  Rewatch   Season 2, Ep 1

It's Valentine's Day, and the Sterling Cooper advertising agency is hustling to stay on top of its game and buzzing over the newest office equipment.
posted by Sweetie Darling on Jul 16, 2014 - 17 comments

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