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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birthright, Part II  Rewatch   Season 6, Ep 17

OR: "The Bridge on the River Q'aiY" [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Aug 12, 2021 - 12 comments

Star Trek: Voyager: Spirit Folk  Rewatch   Season 6, Ep 17

The characters in the Fair Haven holoprogram begin to suspect the Voyager crew after they witness several "supernatural" occurrences. [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Apr 16, 2018 - 14 comments

Star Trek: Voyager: Tsunkatse  Rewatch   Season 6, Ep 15

"When America's smackdown hero takes on Voyager's battlestar babe, worlds will collide!" Are you not entertained? [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Apr 9, 2018 - 3 comments

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night  Rewatch   Season 6, Ep 17

You might think that it wouldn't be possible to hate Dukat any more than you already do, because you already hate him with the hate of ten thousand burning suns, but ask yourself: are those suns supernovas? Well, they are now. [TW: rape] [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Aug 29, 2016 - 14 comments

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