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Star Trek: Prodigy: Preludes  Season 1, Ep 16

The Diviner divines his mission while the kids of the Protostar star in "Story Hour with the Unwanted." [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Dec 1, 2022 - 3 comments

Star Trek: Enterprise: United  Rewatch   Season 4, Ep 13

While Archer learns ice-miner diplomacy, Tucker and Reed fly the unfriendly skies. [more inside]
posted by CheesesOfBrazil on Apr 5, 2020 - 4 comments

Star Trek: Enterprise: Babel One  Rewatch   Season 4, Ep 12

[Part 1 of 3] The Enterprise is ferrying a bunch of Tellarites across Andorian space when a Tellarite ship attacks Shran's ship. Can't we all just get along? Well, maybe not quite yet... [more inside]
posted by Halloween Jack on Mar 29, 2020 - 5 comments

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