Star Trek: Prodigy: Preludes
December 1, 2022 6:04 AM - Season 1, Episode 16 - Subscribe

The Diviner divines his mission while the kids of the Protostar star in "Story Hour with the Unwanted."

Has Memory Alpha got a story for you:

• The Tellarite cruiser was first seen in ENT: "Babel One" (FF previously).

Mollie is Janeway's dog, first mentioned in the VOY pilot "Caretaker" (FF previously).

"Mayday! Mayday! We're lost somewhere in the Delta Quadrant."
- Captain Chakotay

"But tell me: why did she betray us?"
"She met a boy."
- The Vindicator and The Diviner

Poster's Log:
It seems like every Trek season has an "oddball" episode—not the bad one, necessarily, but a definite outlier. According to something I read somewhere, the entire season 1 writing team is credited as writing this episode. That might explain the "backstory dump" feel; how often do we get to the first ad break with no clear sense of the ep's core conflict—let alone the second?

That's just a structural complaint, really; I don't watch any other kids' shows and could not possibly speak to the extent to which conventions in that realm have changed since the days of the Disney Afternoon. (But I do wonder how many kids in the target audience age range—which is what, 8-11?—might get a little sleepy halfway into this one. More like "Quaaludes" amirite) The Solum flashback stuff was pretty interesting, and very Trek. This also seems to have been an expedient way to minimize conflict between the Protostar Kidz going forward, and it felt like the right time for that.

Chakotay's Bird-Person crewmate is probably an Aurelian; it looks like Trek hasn't actually established all that many avian sapient species.

Poster's Log, Supplemental:
I 100% believe that Tellarite droids would be as mind-meltingly infuriating as Clippy (though not of course as scary as Badgey).

Some of Rok's "Monster" sounds were downright cave-troll-ish.
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At least that clears up some things about the timeline.

I guess zero can't read murf's thoughts.
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I really kind of love that Rok's secret origin is basically "I broke kayfabe."

Do we have any idea of when the Federation made first contact with Solum?
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I'm not sure. Memory alpha says it's uninhabitable in the 25th century but I went back and quickly rewatched A Moral Star (the main other episode cited) and don't see anything that can place it in time, so I think that's just supposition.

The flashback to the Federation arrival on Solum doesn't seem to show the Dauntless (memory alpha calls it a Prometheus class ship), so maybe the idea that Janeway & co proceed to Solum specifically because of the actions of the time travelers looks like it won't bear out.
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