Srugim: פינת השלולית
October 20, 2017 4:28 PM - Season 1, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Reut plays housewife, Yifat writes a love letter, and Hodaya borrows a shekel.

Amir needs to produce a wife so he won't get fired from his job as a grammar teacher at an all-girls school and Reut decides it will be fun to play the part. She is much more enthusiastic then he is.

"The Puddle"* is a column in the paper that publishes anonymous love letters that Nati enjoys reading so Yifat writes a love letter to him. Sadly he doesn't recognize himself as the intended target.

Hodaya has a cute meet with Avri but does not let on that she is religious. He obviously isn't because he invites her to the movies on Friday night. By the way, I looked up the exchange rate and a shekel is worth $0.29.

Religious question of the week: what happens if you use a meat spoon to make coffee? Yifat asks if she can just put it in soil but Hodaya, the Rabbi's daughter, says it must be put in scalding water. Then Yifat wants to know if she can still drink the coffee and Hodaya asks if the spoon is "bat yoma" which Amir says means have you used the spoon for meat today? Yifat pours the coffee away.

My question is since this is of daily significance why not have two sets of recognizably different cutlery? Like with different colored handles? Seems like that would be a regular industry in Israel.

Also why is it more significant if the meat spoon has been used on meat today? Does that mean it changes every time the sun goes down? Also why is putting the spoon in scalding water so difficult? I would think you could use the same hot water you heated up for coffee? That seems easier than taking it outside and sticking it in the soil.

*"The Puddle" is the name given by the subtitles. The title of the episode is translated by google as "Pond corner" so it may be the same thing.
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