Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: To Josh, With Love
October 20, 2017 6:53 PM - Season 3, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Rebecca turns to Nathaniel for help; Josh finds becoming a priest more difficult than expected.
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This episode was so bizarre! What’s going on with Nathaniel? Can’t figure it out. There were at least 3 points where I couldn’t believe they could say it on TV. I watched the last episode with a houseguest who had never seen it and I’m SO GLAD it wasn’t this episode because I would have died of embarrassment.
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hahahahahaha Josh going to become a priest cracked my ex-seminarian shit up! We've got a Maria here! Also the Holy Ghost.

I'm going to Father Son and Holy Ghost my entire life ...
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This episode needed more Father Brah!
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The revenge against Josh's family was just a bluff to get Rebecca to realize that she really doesn't have what it takes to be ruthless, right? Right?? I know Nathaniel said he'd drop it but I found it super distracting for the rest of the episode that they went there at all. And gosh, the ending. Rebecca gets a healthy dose of reality and Josh, uhh, not so much. Also, did anyone else assume that the poop would somehow be involved?Just me?
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Re: the poop -- I was so relieved that the script tied up that loose end. (Er, so to speak.)

I thought this episode was terrific, actually. Three musical numbers in one episode!
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Correction: four.
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Tim's song was great, too.
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No, if Father Brah had been in this, Josh would have been less at sea, and hoo boy, did he need to Maria out there.

Nathaniel, yikes. Dude, she wants revenge against Josh, not his family. Especially if you're going to get them kicked out of the country and murdered, jeebus.
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I gotta come out and say it: I think Scott/Nathaniel and Rachel/Rebecca have serious chemistry. That date/sex scene was really...whew! :fans self:
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Yeah, I was such a Nathan hater when he first came on the show, but I think his chemistry/dynamic with Rebecca is really fun and interesting. Totally agree that his revenge plots were weirdly over the top, and not in the way this show usually goes weirdly over the top.
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And I don’t get why we are supposed to buy all of a sudden that Rebecca is “too nice” because she’s clearly shown herself to be completely batshit and self-absorbed.
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Ah, come on, though. She really is too nice a person for murder, and too inept to be truly naughty. Her most destructive moments arent usually the goal of whatever she's doing at the moment - running over Anna's cat was not her goal, she was trying to figure out if Anna was dealing drugs. Making out with Valencia wasn't supposed to derail that evening out with Josh and Greg, Rebecca just got caught up in the moment. Renting the party bus was actually supposed to help her make friends, not expose almost everything. And so forth. With her self-absorbed batshittery, she really stumbles into the worst of what she does a lot of the time. It isn't wholly conscious. If she PLANS for badness, she gets...poopcakes. With insufficient postage.

Wasn't it even an accident when she set her professor's house on fire? Like that wasn't her GOAL.

We're not supposed to think she's "too good" most of the time. Just too good for flat out murder. She was pretty horrified by the other plans too, for Jacinity and Mr. Chan.

We're mostly supposed to think she's inept, and she is.
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I thought this episode was terrific, actually. Three musical numbers in one episode!

I guess one is a (brilliant!) parody of LesMis and Rebecca's last one is semi-reprise of Paula's villain song, I think, but it's still bloody impressive.

Feels like they're tightening up on the writing in the musical numbers this season. Less awkward half-rhymes, less fudging lines that don't fit the metre.
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I love Nathaniel as a foil to Rebecca. Their trauma both originate from bad fathers. But she was abandoned. Her magical thinking is always about how she can be good enough that they'll choose her and stay. She's terrible at thinking about revenge because wrestling with her anger at Josh requires wrestling with her fear that she deserved it.

Nathaniel is wrestling with toxic masculinity. He can't be ruthless enough for his father's approval, and he's still too ruthless to connect with other people. I think he's latched on to Rebecca because he was able to confront her father in a way he could never confront his own. Like seeing Josh, it was a fleeting sense that things could be better - but imprinted on someone else with a huge dose of magical thinking.

And his ridiculous wealth is perfect to unpack the various grand gestures that rom-com's have given us so our leading men don't have to show any emotional intelligence and engage in genuine intimacy. The utterly un-sexy roof scene was perfect from the lingerie to the helicopter, and I want more.
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That helicopter scene was a direct rip-off of a thing that actually happened on The Bachelor!
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proof (starts at 0:20)
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"Like tinnitus of the loins"
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Less awkward half-rhymes, less fudging lines that don't fit the metre.

The first couple of episodes of the last season felt superior, music-wise, to most of the middle ones, to me, as I recall. I'd wait before drawing any general conclusions.
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HOLY GHOST: It's what you think I look like!

readers, I died
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