Broad City: Abbi's Mom
October 21, 2017 3:30 AM - Season 4, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Abbi's mom comes to the city for a visit; Ilana navigates the intense work culture of Sushi Mambeaux while dealing with her seasonal affective disorder.
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Your ass is fired too. I don't work with family!
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It kind of feels like real-life Abbi and Ilana made a list of women with whom they’ve always wanted to work and they’re using the success of this show to slowly work their way through it.

Would I put Peri Gilpin on such a list? Fuck yes, I would.
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I liked this. I also need to watch it again, but I thought Abbi's relationship with her mom -- and the understanding she came to with her mom -- was really great (especially that little "she's a city girl" at the end). So much about Broad City has been about these two growing up during a very transitional time (early to late 20s!) and learning your parents are their own people is a big part of that.

I also liked -- overall -- how they handled Ilana's depression/SAD. There were laughs (the escalation of the sun lamp stuff) but there was no easy fix for it. It was just a part of her. I don't think that was perfect, but I liked that she was still herself and it wasn't actually easily solved.
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Hours later I was still laughing about the "Welcome Abbi's Mom" sign.
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