America's Next Top Model: The Guy Who Wears Heels
October 4, 2014 6:40 AM - Season 21, Episode 7 - Subscribe

(Or The Guy Who's A Nasty Homophobe)

Denzel, you might look fine, but you are ugly inside, you nasty piece of scum. I hope Will kicks your ass in the competition. If he was less of a gentleman, he'd have literally kicked your ass in those 6" heels from here to Christmas.

Now, to the modelling. I've never been keen on Kari's yellow hair. It looks like a home dye job where layer after layer of cheap peroxide has been used. It doesn't suit her skin tone at all. I've never been a fan of hers so I'm not sorry to see her leave the competition.

Adam is growing on me, although his "apology" for his own homophobia seemed a little forced, and I felt he only did it because, as he said, it's out there on the internet and now he's on ANTM, people will find out about it.

But I think he's calmed down (or at least is edited to show that) and trying to learn. When the judges were critiquing his photo and talking about his shoulders, you could see him trying to work out what they were talking about and seeing how his shoulders moved. Maybe he's getting a little humility.

I still love Raelia. I think she and Lenox are the only two amongst the women who have the body shape to be a runway model. She's also sweet and funny. I like her but she won't win because she won't be able to nail the TV commercial.

I adore Will, and now - even more than ever - I want him to win.
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Adam is growing on me, too! I have a place in my heart for bad boys, what can I say. Watching him rub Will's shoulders was cute.

Will is my #1! Love him. How'd it feel having your ass handed to you by Tyra, Denzel? Again, I mean; I'll count the nasty beard as #1. Hoping he and his not-GF Mirjana leave soon.
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I liked Kari but she definitely wasn't living up to her potential so far. I blame that makeover though, that really put her in a bad mental place, I think. Lenox has been great the last couple weeks, but there really aren't any strong front runners overall and I still don't even have a pick for who I want to see win.

They are going to do everything to get Denzel to wear that fake beard less EXCEPT admit it was a terrible idea that looks terrible.
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I can totally buy that Denzel didn't even understand that what he said was homophobic, even when it wasn't even the only homophobic thing he said that episode (the "it's more like talking to an ex-girlfriend" thing wasn't so great either - homophobia with a little side of misogyny). I'm actually really glad Tyra spelled it out for him and for the viewers at home in detail, though it got, uh, surprisingly spicy there at the end! I thought it was a good move to show some of the other bros backing off from that kind of defend-my-masculinity-at-all-costs mentality, too.

Adam is TRYING VERY HARD AT EVERYTHING, from being an ally to putting his trap muscle in a different configuration, but I concede there's something a little charming about it.
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