America's Next Top Model: The Girl Who Got Five Frames
September 23, 2014 5:22 PM - Season 21, Episode 6 - Subscribe

The models learn to whip their hair (one with only, gasp, five frames), and the love affairs in the house continue on.
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What's with the Mr. Jay replacement? I don't like him. Too fake.

The mini-challenge with the tablet made it look super-shitty. Nobody needs a camera that blurry.

Can't believe they didn't edit out all the Mr. Mariah Carey comments; they've been separated for awhile!

Ben got screwed- his weave was the worst one! Who could whip that?
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The thing about this show that really hooked me was how the scoring is only week by week and the previous challenge has no effect on the current one. So someone like Lennox can go from the absolute bottom to the top on the very next episode. (Because of course she would only need 5 frames.) And, knowing nothing about professional modeling, I feel like that's probably pretty close to how it works outside of the show. One day you're up, and the next your'e down, and nobody really cares what your last job was.

Also, once the dude sang his song, it was pretty obvious he was on the outs.
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I was compelled to listen to Willow Smith's song Whip my Hair because that's what watching this show does to me.

I sort of hate the focus on various crushes/relationships. So much cringing.
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For some reason, I endure viscerally unpleasant things/people on this show that I would avoid in every other possible situation. That song had me uncontrollably wincing and flapping instead of ending the misery, which is a rarity these days. It is the first time Adam did something other than ask to be shot with a tranq dart to stop his flexing and barking. The stylists should have been ashamed of most of those weaves. Ben needed to leave but that hair was a shade of embarrassing he was going to go for on his own and did.

I hope that their limited life experience is why they repeat their one story line over and over and over.
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Man, between the haireography and the duo musical number this was practically an RPDR episode.

Oh, and fuck Nick Cannon.
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Man, they're really not backing off from the beard weave, are they? I guess they can't really reverse their terrible decision without looking like idiots for trying it in the first place, so they're just doubling down instead. Tyra said that she loves the texture of Denzel's latest monstrosity, presumably in an attempt to find something redeeming about it. It looks ever so slightly less like a Halloween costume now, but it still doesn't look like anything except a strip of fake hair glued to his chin.

It was clear that Ben was going home because they kept showing clips of him talking about how multifaceted and talented he is, but the 'buzz-cut bros' (UGH) song was beyond embarrassing. Ben's wig, too. YIKES.

Loved the French bulldog cameo, but dude shouldn't have kept jerking the poor pup around in an attempt to make it, uh, whip its hair weave. Memo to Tsai: Dogs don't perform that action naturally. They just want treats and snuggles.

Also? Matthew is dreamy. There, I said it. I totally hate this season's focus on contestant relationship drama but am very much looking forward to more Matthew/Will canoodling.
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