Legends of Tomorrow: Return of the Mack
November 8, 2017 4:45 AM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

The Legends journey to London in 1897 to hunt down a time-traveling vampire. Once there, they run into Rip, but not everyone welcomes him back so quickly. Meanwhile, Stein discovers what Ray and Jax are up to and is not pleased.
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I'm calling it, behold my knowledge of the future!, Rip Hunter is Mallus.

Mallus is an evil time traveler who assembles a team of evil people to achieve a selfish goal at the expense of the world and time itself.

That perfectly describes Rip in season 1. And they've already done something similar with Savitar, "future version of someone travels back in time to plague them, thereby bringing themself into existence", copying The Flash would not be unexpected. I just hope it's not actually Savitar.
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Given that Rip is, in fact, canonically The Worst, I could totally see that.

I enjoyed this episode. Hell, I even liked Nate this time: his obsession about sparkly vampires was as funny as Mick's desire to kill a regular one (and the whole 'I'm not finished with Dracula yet, no spoilers!' thing).

Plus, loved the watch being Palmer-tech, and everything about Jax's early conversation with Ray was fantastic. ("Well done, Jefferson!" about killed me.)

Also, I cheer every time Damien Darhk shows up, and it was great to see Courtney Ford hamming it up after her brief run on Supernatural.
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I thInk this must have been the episode they were filming right before DragonCon—when Arthur Darville got onstage he said something like “you were naked the last time I saw you” and I thought he’d directed it at Matt Lescher, but he must have been looking further down the panel at McDonough.
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God, Rip is The Worst. Who don't you betray, buddy?

I normally like Zari and cracked up on the "Mecca is behind me, I'm just looking for an earring" bit, but just handing over her necklace was so dumb that Nate would have done it.

I did enjoy the heck out of the song and its use, particularly as Damian was beating everyone down.

"Well done, Jefferson!" hah. Still wondering how they're gonna pull this problem off though.
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i totally ship Zari and Amaya.

I got spoilt by IMDB looking up Courtney Ford, so I won't spoil it for y'all here, but I'm really looking forward to her background now!

Also, she's one of my favorite actors-who-only-appear-for-half-a-season-and-then-die/disappear. I sure hope she gets a steady gig after this.
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I’m only a few minutes into this episode and you’re telling me Rip is going to be even worse than Nate going, “Waaaasssssuuuuup!”?
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I did enjoy the heck out of the song and its use, particularly as Damian was beating everyone down.

Darhk is the one Arrowverse villain who looks like he's having the time of his life being the bad guy. I've always respected that about the actor's performance.
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Me too.

The thing about modern superhero stories that bothers me the most is angst. I want to watch people who love who they are and what they can do. (This is a lot of the draw of Legends for me generally - they're so attached to what they're doing that they stole the Waverider so they could get back to it and I... well, I believe that. I'd feel that way too.)

Darhk's enthusiasm is magnificent, and if I were him, I'd want to have that much fun being bad.
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Darhk is the one Arrowverse villain who looks like he's having the time of his life being the bad guy. I've always respected that about the actor's performance.

At DragonCon, I think McDonough said once he played his first villain he never wanted play a hero again. See here at the 27 minute point of one panel where he talks about being in the Legion of Doom. Also though, he is apparently pretty devoutly some brand of Christian - at one of the other panels I remember him saying that the two things he will never do as an actor are "taking the Lord's name in vain" and love scenes, and the hero pretty much always ends up in bed with or kissing someone, and he never wanted to have to explain to his children why he was kissing someone other than his wife. It didn't come off as "won't be alone in a room with a woman who isn't my wife" Mike Pence/Quiverfull creepy though -- he was saying how when he kills someone onscreen it's all fake blood, special effects, make-believe, but when you kiss someone that's really you & that person kissing and he just doesn't want to do that with anyone but his wife.
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There is something very comforting about seeing Hiro Kanagawa appear as a person of authority in a CW-DC show.
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Thanks for the info from Dragon*Con, oh yeah!
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Thanks for the info from Dragon*Con, oh yeah!

I should have posted something about the panels after I got home, it's mostly all a blur now. (Here's my 2017 con flickr album link though.)
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Apparently I'm the only one not thrilled by Damien Darhk's return. It's not that I have anything against the character or the actor, I just feel that as a plot device he has overstayed his welcome. If he were to return in two or three seasons, that would be fine, but it's just too soon.

As for splitting Firestorm and depositing it solely within Jax, I really have to ask why bother? They never use the character's power or abilities. In this episode, for instance, Firestorm could have escaped Rip's lockdown by altering his molecular structure and passing through the walls of the ship. He could have also transmuted a small portion of the shielding into something (say Kleenex) the Legends could break through/pass through, then when it was time to repair this ship, he could have changed it back again. I mean the character is one of the most useful and powerful in the D.C. universe and because of the cost of his special effects, he's just dumped in a corner and forgotten about. I'd be much happier if the "fix" they decided on was that Jax and Martin could physically (and chronologically) separate with condition that they can't form Firestorm. Then when/if Garber returns for a special episode they can up the budget and give us the nuclear man.
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I'm behind on this, but I want to say I loved that Mick was obviously reading the Norton Critical Edition of Dracula. Once he's done he can dig his teeth into *googles* "The Occidental Tourist: Dracula and the Anxiety of Reverse Colonization."
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