Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: I Never Want To See Josh Again
November 10, 2017 8:02 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Rebecca goes home and tries to find a way forward; the friends and co-workers she left behind struggle with their emotions regarding her departure.
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That was tonal whiplash, going from coworker hijinks to "look I know this episode is ending on a suicide attempt, just get there already please".
posted by jeather at 8:03 PM on November 10, 2017

Yeah, the tone really veered all over the place. Kinda strange.

I'm gonna have to sit with it a while.
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This was a good episode but I'm not sure I liked it exactly. The coworkers were just a little too annoying and it went on way too long. I thought I wanted more Maya this season. I didn't. Poor Cornelia, best of luck with the yoyos. And the end was so hard to watch even though it was pretty clear it was coming. I thought it was going to happen a couple of times earlier in the episode (when she first found the pills and then again when Naomi found a note).

Like Rebecca, I really wanted to like Naomi here. And to believe that she genuinely changed her tune when she realized how badly Rebecca needed help. I think it's really easy to focus on how mean and withholding Naomi can be. But her big thing is really how manipulative she is. Interesting how Naomi's version of even being a caring mother is so controlling and boundary-disregarding. She talked that idiot Josh into proposing, this whole thing is basically her fault!! Argh. The song was really adorable and catchy, though.
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I think the coworker plots were there to lighten the mood (which they did at first), because otherwise the episode would have been so oppressively dark.

Ah, Naomi. Getting Rebecca help: a great, crucial idea. Getting Rebecca help by sneaking drugs into her milkshakes until you can trick her into inpatient care: not so much.
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Wow this season was so painfully bad at first but now it's getting great. I like what they've been dressing Nathaniel in for the most part. He's definitely been rehabbed pretty good as a leading man. Halfway through this episode but excited to find out what happens.

I do love Rebecca's romantic adventure last episode, that was such a special touch.

What is this show's obsession with Milennials?
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Oh god, the scenes where Naomi is being nice to Rebecca and Rebecca is so disbelieving and delighted about it at first, before she finds out about the pills - I really felt for her! She just wanted her mom to love her. The irony is that Naomi's betrayal is rooted in love for her. The AV club review called it 'terrified love' and that's what it was. This is such a good show.
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You knew the show would go to that place inevitably. Hard to watch but I think they overall made it work(?).

I did like the heinous bitch song, though.
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Sometimes I have to stop to remember this show is on the CW, which pitches its lineup at teenaged girls, and this episode in particular was HELLA REAL and very dark for the CW.

"What is this show's obsession with Milennials?"

Probably a shout-out to (a big slice of) their audience.
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What a roller coaster!

I, like Rebecca, wanted to believe in Naomi, but I knew she was somehow full of crap. The heinous bitch song was good, though. When she saw Rebecca's search history and said "Oh, Becca," it was heartbreaking.

I'm still having such a hard time understanding how they have a 4 season arc planned. It's SO SO GOOD, but they've blown up so much of what the show was about.
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I really appreciate that (a) this episode ended on her asking for help, not on the attempt and (b) that this isn't the last episode before a long break. Though I do not think the next episode is going to be HAPPIER, it might be more hopeful?
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I'm still having such a hard time understanding how they have a 4 season arc planned. It's SO SO GOOD, but they've blown up so much of what the show was about.

The pacing this season is so fast! We're only 5 episodes in. I don't think anyone's the least bit surprised that Josh's seminary arc didn't last but really? 2 episodes? I'm seriously wondering at this point if they had a 4 season arc planned but the network told them they wouldn't be getting a Season 4 so they ended up having to condense S3 in order to wrap everything up. There's still enough time left in the season so they could easily (at this pace at least) give all of the regular characters some kind of ending if they needed to. I hope that's not that case!
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Paula playing the fairy princess game with her family was wonderful. So great that all the guys were willing to get ridiculous for her.
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