Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Josh Is Irrelevant
November 17, 2017 7:46 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Rebecca comes to terms with her new life and new information about herself.

We see the credits scene!
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Wow. Wow. Wow.

My favorite moment in the episode, the one that made me gasp and put my hands over my mouth, was when Nathaniel looked at his mom's photo and you. just. knew. And that scene with his parents!

Valencia's done was hilarious. The Diagnosis song was great, too, and I think it's going to resonate in a big way with a few of my friends.

I admire Rachel Bloom's willingness to look like death on screen.

Rebecca is kind of... highlighting other people's issues through her existence, right? Paula's codependence, Josh's... whatever the hell that is. I'm looking forward to seeing Paula get her issues resolved, but that may take the rest of the show.

Heather and Hector are adorable, and Hector, outside the mom issues, had kind of been a voice of sanity for a while.

There are so many things I liked about this episode that I could say something about every minute.
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The bit that got me was Valencia breaking down and it becoming clear that her obnoxious social media frenzy was just a coping mechanism for how scared she was that she would lose the first real friend she's had. Also kudos to Gabrielle Ruiz for belting out an extended musical poop metaphor complete with squatting dance moves. Also, the scene of Heather, Paula and Valencia asleep outside Rebecca's room. I really enjoy how this show does female friendship, without idealising it but still coming back to it repeatedly as a source of goodness.

I never expected, when Nathaniel first came onto the scene, that I would like him as much as I do now. That scene at the end when he runs into Rebecca after her group-therapy was just so nice without being saccharine.

This is such a good show.
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I'm curious about the change in episode names, now. I'm not sure what they will be from now on.

Poor Paula, who has gotten to the point where she can't even see Rebecca at all. And Valencia, who has finally made friends and isn't totally sure how to be one. I was in general really pleased about all her friends standing up and being there for her, despite her efforts to shove them all away. I'm hoping we do not jump to a Rebecca/Nathaniel relationship -- I like him in a way I never would have imagined when he started, but this is not time for it.

Despite Rebecca realising none of the past 2.5 seasons has been about Josh, I do want to see how Josh handles this, because he has made everything about him and suddenly he can't. I hope that Hector and White Josh continue to be there for him.

(I do not think poop jokes are that funny, I do not love extended songs about pooping.)
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I always figured at some point they'd go from Josh-themed titles to something else. Maybe Rebecca-themed names?

Poor Joshie-poo and his puppy! (Though really, if she's having issues with self care, maybe don't get her a needy puppy? Maybe a nice pet rock?)

I am generally not a fan of Nathaniel, but wow, hidden depths tonight. Wow. I did not expect that from that character. It almost makes me root for a romantic pairing except uh, they shouldn't.

Heather was kicking ass tonight, and even had an axe for her murder house.

Very interesting handling of BPD since it has such an upsetting reputation in public. I mean, yeah, I kinda figured that was it all along though.
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This episode was SO GOOD!

I knew they were going to diagnose Rebecca with borderline personality disorder. I am sort of skeptical that someone who has spent this much time dealing with mental health issues and is such a "good student" wouldn't have heard of it, but eh, that's ok.

The stuff with Nathaniel was genuinely effecting. I really love what they are doing with his character and their relationship. Ziggy500, I feel the same - never expected to like his character when they introduced him, but it's been really good.

The Valencia stuff did annoy me this episode, but I thought they made it pay off well in the end.
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Great. Episode. Even though less "happened", I feel like there was actually so much going on, almost more than I could take in at once. Rebecca gets her diagnosis and all around her are these other characters, who are there not just to move the plot along or to kill time, but just to be themselves and react to their friend's crisis. Some are perfectly true to themselves (Paula/Heather) and for the others who experience a bit of a change (Valencia/Nathaniel/Josh), it's surprising but still earned.

Josh is actually the biggest surprise for me...he starts out by doing the Joshiest thing possible which is trying to reach out to Rebecca to ease his own guilt despite everyone else's objections. After he overhears Rebecca saying that her issues were not really ever about him, he leaves in sad bewilderment. Old Josh would have fist pumped or whatever and said "it's not my fault!", kinda how he reacted to Greg announcing he was an alcoholic. So the fact he can't instantly deny all responsibility for his actions is a HUGE change for him.

I started listing out stuff that I especially enjoyed this episode but then it ended up being like all the things in the episode so I deleted that and I'm just going to say that the name of Rebecca's alligator was just perfect and I actually squealed with happiness when she said it.
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these other characters, who are there not just to move the plot along or to kill time, but just to be themselves and react to their friend's crisis.

Yes! I loved that they took their time in this episode, and allowed things to breathe a little and for the characters to have these very authentic and individual reactions.
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"It's not something I have. It's something I am."

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This SHOW is so good, the number of old threads that wove together here and gave her breakdown and diagnosis its inevitability and rightness ... this thing is planned with more precision than D-Day.

Also did everyone notice when Rebecca's friends came through for her, the background music briefly noodled around on "I have friends, I definitely have friends"? ARRRRRGH SO MANY LAYERS.
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I couldn't help but notice that the same alligator name was an answer to a fairly recent

What a great episode.
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The entire theme of Rebecca's song was that her new diagnosis would be tell her what she was.
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Josh rolling up there with a PUPPY, lol forever. He's so amazingly and wonderfully dumb.
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