The Flash: When Harry Met Harry...
November 14, 2017 8:47 PM - Season 4, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Barry turns to a surprising ally for help when collectors of Native American artifacts are attacked by a meta who can bring inanimate objects to life. Harry enlists Cisco's help to summon the ultimate think tank to crack the identity of the Thinker.
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Eh, it wasn't that bad, other than the ridiculous Council of Wells. And BAD TIMING on the junk--out joke.

Can't argue the ugliness of that suit. Cisco's Revenge.

Somebody better say something about how hey, maybe he's faking that wheelchair next episode or I will be mad.
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Somebody better say something about how hey, maybe he's faking that wheelchair next episode or I will be mad.

"We've only known one person who was faking their wheelchair requirement and that was Eobard Thawn, therefore Clifford DeVoe is really the Reverse Flash! Get him!"

And this leads us into The Trial of the Flash.
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Hm. Mixed feelings about this entry.


I've been waiting for this since they introduced more than one Harry in the first place. I sincerely wish they'd skipped Gross Creeper Wells, (or had him nixed in favor of Wizard Wells), but I really liked Nihilistic German Wells and Killer Cyborg Wells. Also, I appreciated that Cisco remains the heart of the show and talked Wells into being nice to himselves.

* I wish they'd skipped 'Angry POC character out for blood.'

They tried - some points for Dibny returning an artifact at the end - but I was really offput by Black Bison being all about casual murder. I wish they'd given her some layers - I don't think this is a subject that should be made so black and white. (Also, I really felt for her when she told Barry, "I don't have to listen to men like you anymore.")

* I do not like Ralph Dibny.

They should've skipped him and given Killer Frost a more thorough redemption arc instead. I'm not sure why they always sideline Caitlin in favor of dumber characters, but it's a bad habit. (I want to see Frost end up something like the Hulk in the Avengers.)

I'm still liking this season a lot better than 2 or 3, but this particular episode felt like a misstep.
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still watching the episode, but COUNCIL OF WELLS was hilarious. no doubt a nod to the COUNCIL OF RICKS.
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you're a wizard, Harry

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Predates the Ricks. I'm happy to see both shows drawing from this though - given parallel universes, someone would be doing this, period.
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I liked it alright, except for how they handled the villain. I agree with mordax that I wish they gave her more of a back story rather than just thief turned thief-with-powers-and-also-murderous. Unless she was already murderous before getting her powers, but at least show that. That line, "men like you", also felt out of place. Like, I understand the sentiment they were going for, but it felt unearned, like we've had no background of her history with men, and she's been focused on her ancestry and killing people, now all of sudden we're supposed to sympathize with her regarding men of authority? It would've made a lot more sense if she said "I don't have to be oppressed by white men like you anymore."

I also want more Snow/Frost and less Dibny. I'm waiting to see how he'll be tied up into the main plot. I'm sure down the line it'll be revealed about what Thinker/DeVoe's plan for the 12 new Metas is, and that Dibny will have to make a hard choice.

I read that Wally is returning, and that he stepped away mostly as a production decision regarding cost. But I'm wondering if the CG for Dibny's powers aren't more expensive than a speedster's.
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you're a wizard, Harry


Note how they work a little bit of the Harry Potter theme into the soundtrack at this line.

What comic book is Dibney reading?

I agree that Black Bison seemed somewhat casually murder-y, unless she already had those tendencies before. Since they don't really flesh out her character we don't know. In each of the thefts shown, she could have used her powers to incapacitate or restrain her adversaries instead.

Relatedly, I felt that if Flash actually used his powers normally this episode could have been wrapped up at any point. As Dibney pointed out, he could have caught her after dismantling the animated suit of armor. How far could she have gotten in ten seconds, especially considering she hadn't anticipated any trouble and probably had no expedited escape plan? At the armored car, he's not fast enough to fist-fight a stiffly-animated statue for some reason and/or he could have just slapped the cuffs on her while she was talking. In the museum, he can't dodge out of the very obvious path of the T-rex tail. The bit with the pottery was cute, but again he was standing next to a regular-speed person with no powers that would have prevented him from putting the cuffs on or even picking her up and transporting her to a cell before she had a chance to react.
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