The Punisher: Crosshairs
November 18, 2017 12:54 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Lewis struggles with the ramifications of his actions. Frank and Micro pursue another face from the past. Madani and Sam go bug hunting.

*Lewis washes up from O'Connor's murder, and pulls down the shower curtain. He drives a cab back home, shirtless, to find his father unexpectedly home from work. His dad gives him some of his sleeping pills he was prescribed back when his wife died and pleads with him to get some rest. Lewis takes them, then struggles with the urge to kill himself, but eventually takes the gun out of his mouth.
*Over dinner in the lair, Frank and Lieberman go through their plan to infiltrate the military base where Morty Bennett is stationed, and use him to get Agent Orange's name. Later, Frank worries about what he will do if some soldier doing their duty gets in his way.
*Billy comes to Dinah's office to tell her he has no news of/word from Frank. Sam is angry that she involved Billy while keeping secrets from Hernandez and the rest of the department.
*Dinah realizes that Henderson being killed only a day after she mentioned him to Sam means her office may be bugged.
*Billy and Rawlins talk at a safe house/compound about their plans for Bennett, and about Kandahar.
*Bennett has a 'dinner date' with a dominatrix, while Frank sneaks into the base with Lieberman supervising via drone. When Frank bursts into the room, the dominatrix yells "he's here!" and Billy & his team come running. Frank releases a smoke bomb and a silent fight ensues, as Frank takes the team out one by one while Lieberman clones Bennett's phone. When the cloning is complete, Frank jumps out a window to escape, as Billy tries to shoot him. Lieberman guides him to escape capture, though Frank does end up needing to shoot (non-fatally) a soldier who is on guard in the tunnels.
*Lewis joins his father who is watching the famous Ali vs. Foreman boxing match, and his father tries to give him another pep talk. Later, Lewis goes to a hardware store for supplies, then builds a pressure-cooker bomb in the basement, where he has O'Connor's corpse wrapped in the shower curtain.
*Back in the van, Frank and Lieberman start the next phase of their plan - tracking the location of Bennett's phone as it moves to what they presume will be Agent Orange's location.
*At the safe house/compound, Bennett is angry at Rawlins and Billy using him as bait. Rawlins says it's time for Bennett to retire, and that Billy will supply him with a new identity with all his illicit funds.
*In the van, Lieberman talks about his hopefully-coming-soon reunion with his family, and whether they'll forgive him for pretending to be dead all this time. Frank recommends not mentioning how he's been spying on them the whole time.
*Back at Homeland Security, Dinah locates the office bug with Sam, but isn't sure what to do next.
*Billy takes Bennett to what he says is a safe house, but it's just a setup - there's a dead woman on the bed, and then Billy murders Bennett too.
*At the compound, Frank gets Rawlins in the crosshairs, but when he takes the killshot the window-glass turns out to be bulletproof, and the compound lights/security come up to full alert.
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Having to suspend disbelief really hard at how Lieberman could do something to clone Bennett's phone for tracking location without also eavesdropping via hot mic. Especially since that was presumably how Billy heard the "He's here!" warning.

Was the dead woman in the murder-Bennett-room the dominatrix from earlier? I didn't think it looked like her, but, if Russo and Rawlins are in 'get rid of all loose ends' mode she'd be a likely candidate. Otherwise why have a dead woman in the room at all? If it was supposed to be a frame-job to discredit him, shouldn't they have gone with a drug overdose or murder-suicide or something more blame-the-victim-y? Seems like this will look like a straight up double-murder.
posted by oh yeah! at 1:04 PM on November 18, 2017

It was the dominatrix, yep, and I suppose the point was to frame it as a murder-suicide. Fun performance from the actress during the dinner scene

I forget the make of rifle Frank was using in the final scene, but any random 7.62 / .223 / .308 rifle round should slide through bulletproof glass. Cool dramatic scene, though, silly to nitpick perhaps!
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The sniper fetishists are all about ultra high power cartridges now, I can't think Frank was using something as wimpy as a .308. Say .338 Lapua or at least .300 Winchester Magnum, I'd bet. Or that he would just shoot once when his target was still standing.
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Yeah, take another shot while he's still there and the glass is weakened!

If it was supposed to be a frame-job to discredit him, shouldn't they have gone with a drug overdose or murder-suicide or something more blame-the-victim-y? Seems like this will look like a straight up double-murder.

I figured Russo was just going to put the knife in her hand and have it look like she killed him trying to defend herself. But then he cleaned the knife so who knows. Maybe he has another one he will drop. Or maybe they'll frame Frank for it.

Lewis' story feels the most impactful despite the much smaller body count (so far) and for that reason I'm not really all that into it. Call me shallow, but these days I'm looking for mindless entertainment and not actual real issues which I get enough of the rest of the day. Is he planning on faking a suicide bomb with fake 'Nam vet's body?
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