The Punisher: Cold Steel
November 18, 2017 2:51 PM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Russo opens up to Madani about his past. Sarah shares concerns about her son with Frank, and a decoy operation takes a turn.

*Billy visits a woman in the hospital (his birth-mother who abandoned him to the system because she was a meth addict) and terrorizes her.
*Lieberman uses the picture of 'Agent Orange' from Frank's rifle-scope and identifies him via facial recognition software as Rawlins, CIA director of covert operations. When the camera feed from his house goes down he demands that Frank go over and make sure his family is safe.
*Billy and Dinah have more sex, then compare scars, and Billy tells her a little about his rough childhood growing up in a group home.
*Frank shows up at Sarah's with flowers; the feeds are out because she unplugged the house internet to punish Zach for his latest bad behavior, but then let him go out anyway. She asks Frank to join her in a glass of wine.
*Dinah tells Sam, in her bugged office, that she has intelligence that Castle is going to make an ammo buy, from a dealer named DeLeon, that they can catch him at.
*Frank turns the router back on and starts to take his leave, and Sarah kisses him, to Lieberman's horror. Frank returns to the hideout to find Lieberman very drunk.
*Billy and Rawlins meet at the waterfront to discuss the DeLeon bust. Billy won't use his own men on the mission after the Kentucky slaughter.
*Dinah briefs her team about the operation, and has Sam file a fake tactical plan in the likely case that whoever has her office bugged has access to their computers.
*Drunk Lieberman gets Frank to tell him about how he met Maria, and tells Frank how he met Sarah. He decides that the only way to get his life back is for them to join forces with Dinah, that Frank is the witness she needs to give evidence that will allow her to arrest Rawlins, and Frank has to punch him out to stop him from calling her.
*Billy hires his mercenaries, a group of soldiers on the run from the State Department after killing a group of Iraqi civilians.
*Lieberman awakes with a hangover. Sarah calls Frank for help about Zach, and he heads back over - she found a knife in his backpack and doesn't know what to do. Frank talks to Zach alone, telling him what a mean kid he used to be, and scares him so badly he breaks through Zach's tough-guy pretense and starts crying about how scared and unhappy he is, and they hug it out. Later, they toss a football back and forth, and Lieberman shows up on the street. Frank tells him he's going to get his family killed, and promises he'll talk to Dinah if Lieberman will go away before someone sees him.
*Billy and his mercenaries arrive at the decoy gun buy location, an abandoned factory, and a gunfight ensues. Only Billy makes it outside, and Sam gets him to drop his gun, but Sam's momentary shock at seeing Billy unmasked allows Billy to stab him and complete his getaway, and Sam dies in Dinah's arms without being able to tell her who killed him. Afterwards, a shocked Dinah sits in her bathtub, as Billy solicitously sponges the blood away.
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I feel like there's a "Frank Castle: Child Psychologist" spin-off potential here.
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So they set up an ambush, according to what Dinah assumes will be a kill squad, expecting to pop up from behind some boxes, yell “Homeland”, and everyone was going to happily give up?

I was never in any special forces but I think a little recon before a mission may have been in order. It might make it so that you’re not running through the middle of like eighteen giant warhouse rooms, instead of going directly there while stealthily using the walls to ambush the (fake) meeting.

It’s obvious Frank doesn’t want David’s wife, he wants his FAMILY. As in he wants to be back in that role of being the problem solving provider of a family.

Still not surprised to see how sleazy and gross Billy is turning out to be.

Pretty much every relationship in this show has some odd aspect to it.
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my man!
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very sad about Sam.

also, obvs Billy was going to turn out to be evil but omg that bath scene. CA-REEEEEPY!!!!!
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OK, so I'm not really watching this show, but I walked past the aftermath of the Billy and Dinah sex scene and had to ask whether Dinah is undercover as something other than (I think she's an FBI agent?) and apparently not? Because the only reason she'd be putting that underwear back on is that it's somehow part of her disguise or she has another appointment after Billy.

But come on, nobody puts underwear like that back on, right?
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