Supergirl: Wake Up
November 22, 2017 9:33 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Kara investigates when an alien ship is found beneath National City; Hank attempts to bond with his father; Samantha looks to her estranged mother for answers.

So yay, Reign is here! I'm already predicting the season ends with Ruby convincing her mom to calm down to either be a good guy or be captured.

Anyway, Mon-El is back... from the future. And then plot holes! Everything surrounding the A plot with Mon-El this episode was kind of terrible.
- Unless they magically put in a way to get back to the ship, how did Mon-El and Winn get down there, and how did Shoehorn get in without drilling a giant hole through the ship?
- No explanation for how a Saturnian ship from the 31st century is buried in 12,000 y/o rock under the city... cool.
- I know they're purposely holding back plot exposition of why Mon-El and company were in that ship and that they're back in the past, but a whole episode of Mon-El moping and not saying anything is as frustrating to me as Kara was probably feeling.
- Ugh, wife. But ok, I can understand thinking you're stranded and need to move on with your life. However, I'm not giving him any benefit of the doubt that he didn't have some influence on why that ship is there, in the past, where his ex-girlfriend is.

I think I want a spin-off of a Martian father-son sitcom.
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I'm already predicting the season ends with Ruby convincing her mom to calm down to either be a good guy or be captured.

I'm inclined to agree except that it seems crazy to telegraph the ending that hard so early. I hope there's some kind of wrinkle on the way there.
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it seems crazy if you haven't watched as much TV as I have ^_^
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I love J'onn's dad. I want more scenes about his new life on earth. I would totally support a spinoff.
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They could also be telegraphing that Sam/Reign dies and Ruby gets adopted by Alex.

Why do I have the feeling that Greg Berlanti sends the occasional email to all his Arrowverse writers that simply says "Reminder: A character must keep an important secret from 'the team' once every three episodes."?

I loved how the logistics of returning to the ship made no sense whatsoever. Why wasn't Kara all wet? Did she spin herself dry?
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I've thought about it, and no. Alex can't adopt Ruby because that would WRECK me. Sorry.
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I wonder if Ruby will have the powers of a Kryptonian?
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I yelled at the TV when Mon-El showed up. NO. JUST NO.
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Reign could be responsible for Ruby's death which leads to Sam arranging for a capture and defeat or death of Reign/Sam. Just saying that the Reign story could get dark setting us up for a very charged season 4 when Lena learns the truth about Kara Zor-El. Just in time for Supes to leave Earth on a prolonged mission and Lex to make his way out of prison.
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