Arrow: Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2
November 28, 2017 5:38 AM - Season 6, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Barry and Iris' wedding brings the gang together, but things go awry when villains from Earth-X attack the ceremony.

Earth-X Prometheus is revealed to have been Nazi-Tommy Merlin, and by episode's end Arrow, Flash, Jax, Stein, Sara, and Alex are imprisoned on Earth-X, while Killer Frost, Mick Rory, and the rest of Team Arrow are captured in Star Labs, while Iris and Felicity stay hidden.

Den of Geek - "Crisis on Earth X" Part 2 is action packed, but continues to struggle with a flawed premise and dialogue issues.

IGN - The Oliver in the High Castle.

EW recap
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From the EW recap:
And the Reverse Flash is actually Earth-1 Eobard Thawne, who decided to wear Harrison Wells’ face for shiggles (and probably because Matt Letscher wasn’t available). How is Thawne alive? Time travel! Does that make sense since we saw him die on Legends of Tomorrow last season? No, not really! But who cares? I love watching Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells.
I felt betrayed by Earth-1 Thawne being a Nazi. I like "our" Eobard Thawne! He's my favorite Arrowverse villain, but now that he's a Nazi, I'm disgusted by him. Why does he have to be the Earth-1 Thawne for this story to work? Why can't he be the Earth-X Thawne or even the Earth-X Harrison Wells? I'm still hoping that this turns out to be a lie and he's actually from E-X or he's manipulating the Nazis for his own non-Nazi agenda, but if he's actually thrown in his lot with Nazis because he believes in their cause, then I'm done with him.
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Servo5678 - I think the problem is that the writers are acting as if Nazis are just another generic all-purpose baddie, like the Dominators, or Vandal Savage, or whatever, no worse than any other villain Thawne has teamed up with before. And maybe in a different year they could have pulled it off. But not in a year when actual Nazis are on the rise.
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It's interesting watching the way each show's production crew is playing to their strengths. In the Supergirl episode, everyone was lit beautifully for the wedding. In this episode, the Arrow stunt team turned Alex Danvers into John Wick.
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the Arrow stunt team turned Alex Danvers into John Wick

Okay, now I'm sure I need to watch this!

They don't kill her dog do they?
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I don't buy Alex fighting roughly on par with Sara. Sara was trained by Ras al-Ghul himself, wasn't she? I suspend my disbelief because they are awesome. But Sara would kick Alex's ass without breaking a sweat.
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yes, but Alex is still a top agent in an agency that deals with aliens, she might not be able to take Sara but she can sure kick some Nazi asses.
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Given the speculation early last season as to Prometheus' identity I thought it was pretty great that Nazi Prometheus turned out to be Tommy.
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I swear I didn't recognize Tommy. He looks completely different than he did during his run on Arrow. I like him much better this way.

I wonder what Kara's response would have been if somebody said her doppleganger was married to whoever Earth-X Barry is. I'm sure it wouldn't have been the same when she heard it was Nazi Oliver
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Well season 1 was like 5 years ago, so the actor did age a bit. They all did, but because we see them age gradually it's less noticeable than Tommy. Also, that costume makes his head look bigger than I remember.
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"Ew, gross! No offense." Oliver does NOT say "none taken."
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Oh, right, also "Why do you have a Kryptonite arrow?" In case I ran into an evil you!
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So I don't watch any other DC TV shows and have always resented the wider Arrowverse intruding on my show. But I made an exception here and I'm grateful, because there's no way this episode makes any sense as a standalone. Also the first Supergirl show was great and hilarious. The primary plot seems ridiculous to me, but maybe this Earth X story line was developed and earned in some other medium? But seeing Sara again confidently having a one night stand made it all worth it. As does Felicity flat turning Oliver down for marriage. And that was all in the other show.

The Arrow section, eh, it was a bit rough going. Superhero powers don't mix well with the grittier semi-realism of the Arrow action style. And there's a weird problem of too many sidekicks in the room here, even with many of Team Arrow on the sidelines. But I liked watching Oliver try to be Oliver here, big brother, and the other superheroes just kind of not having it.
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