Chapo Trap House: Episode 162 - Arab Spring Breakers feat. GORKA (11/28/17)
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This week they discuss the Sebastian Gorka profile in Recoil magazine with the man himself, who calls in to let us know a few more items in his everyday carry. Then they discuss about another brain dead tweet thread from #Resistance member and Brookings senior fellow Benjamin Wittes, and trigger Felix by breaking down Thomas Friedman's latest press release about M.B.S., a reformer with results cleaning up Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

This was my favorite Gorka appearance yet, Adomian's quick joke replies really make the impersonation brilliant. Also a big fan of torturing myself by trying to show how awful Friedman's writing is.
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Really wish they'd stop focusing on Twitter/internet grudgy bullshit. Takes me right out of the show. More action and talk about action and less sniping about whoever isn't in their clique.
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