Boardwalk Empire: The King of Norway
October 6, 2014 4:26 PM - Season 5, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Chalky surfaces in Atlantic City and Nucky, on his way to NYC for yet another meeting with the Italians, offers shelter. Gillian doesn't feel very positive about her prospects in the nuthouse. Eli and his wife have dinner at the Muellers'. The younger Enoch is now deputy sheriff and is courting Mabel, to the dismay of her father.
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I thought that this was a fantastic episode, one of the best of the series.

I was just a bit distracted by the teeth prosthesis on Young Nucky. Actor had the mannerisms down pat, I don't think he needed the extra mouth-help.
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I had the same thought! However, the Googles does not support that conjecture.

Also, Sigrit may be a bitch supreme, but that was one sweet dress/sweater ensemble.
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Yeah, she looked smokin'.
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I rarely bemoan the lack of img, but I really want a whole load of Van Alden gifs right now. That stare at Eli.
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You mean this?
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Yes, I found that but they are all old.

Why must it always be pandemonium?
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We had to watch that dinner scene again. Priceless!
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Van Alden: I for one refuse to live in fear.
Sigrid: Husband.
Van Alden: Coming, dear!

Capone: Uuuhhhh! Unnhhhhh!

So glad to see Daughter Maitland is back. I hope they let her sing. And my goodness, there's a little Chalkette!

Mabel Thompson was as forthright, independent and strong-willed as Margaret. Nucky has a type.

They couldn't have made those prosthetic teeth a touch more subtle?
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Yeah, those teeth, tragic. But other than that, the appearance and acting was great!

I feel like we're getting some momentum here, which is good because that whole Cuba thing was a total snore.
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Yes, both the young actors playing Nucky in the flashbacks have been fantastic!

Though I enjoyed the dinner party scene as well, I feel like in general Boardwalk Empire has lost its way. It's become this weird amalgam of a show, and I'm not really sure how I feel about that.

At first, BE was like a dramatic biographic miniseries focused on Nucky and the organized crime scene, which was great. Then they brought in Richard, the war hero with a shattered visage suffering from PTSD, or shell shock as it was called back then. And I loved that side story, too, mostly because the actor was incredible (so sorry to see his character arc end last season!). And then Agent Van Alden's bizarre transition from G Man to insurance salesman took us, in an almost Fargoish turn of events, away from the bootleggers and gangsters (though now he is an enforcer for Capone, so it did circle back).

And now we have this additional insane asylum sideline, which grows increasingly macabre and gothic each week. That, plus the final Creep The Audience Out with the cockroaches scene (pathetic specimens though they were) turned this week into a Very Special Halloween Episode of Boardwalk Empire. Not the best of the series at all for me personally.

I dunno, the show just seems like it is all over the place lately. It's becoming too disjointed, like a GRRM sequel that's gone off the rails. And the blood and gore, a lot of it completely gratuitous, has been off the charts. Other than tonight's dinner party scene and the flashbacks (which for me are becoming the best part of the show), this whole season so far has been pretty meh.
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Can we get a montage of all the best lines of Michael Shannon ? He's killing it!
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This dinner is the best. Hints of an affair, whispered secrets. Gothic horrors.
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