Boardwalk Empire: Cuanto
September 29, 2014 3:25 PM - Season 5, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Margaret goes to Nucky for help with her Rothstein problem. Charlie meets with Capone, surrounded by sycophants and thrilled with his reputation as Public Enemy #1, and he sees a familiar face. Things are getting tense in Cuba, and Sally feels the winds of political change firsthand.
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I got the feeling Sally could have talked herself out of the situation she was in if she'd been less brash.

Michael Shannon deserves an Emmy for being the most hilariously humourless character ever.

Margaret and Nucky forever!
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I was pleased to see the show get back on track in terms of quality after the first "bridge" episode but each episode painfully reminds me of how great it would have been if they had more seasons.
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I never liked the Cuba plot, so I hope this is the last we see of that.
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I was impressed by the actor playing young Nucky this week, the scene where he's dumbfounded by adults being nice to each other over dinner was heartbreaking. He's managed to echo Steve Buscemi's speech patterns - impressive.

Also drunk Margaret is just adorable.
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