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Chronicles the life and times of Nucky Thompson, the undisputed ruler of Atlantic City, who was equal parts politician and gangster.

Boardwalk Empire: Eldorado  Season 5, Episode 8

Series Finale.
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Boardwalk Empire: Friendless Child  Season 5, Episode 7

Nucky's latest move in his war against Luciano backfires, with disastrous results. Benny Siegel sings to an unappreciative audience, and Margaret calls at the wrong time. Will they be hanging an "Under New Management" sign at the Old Rumpus? Nucky finally reads that letter from Gillian, who pleads for help, alluding to the emerging truth: what exactly he did for the Commodore. Will he (or can he?) make amends for his actions from long ago?
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Boardwalk Empire: The Devil You Know  Season 5, Episode 6

There's a standoff in Narcisse's parlor, and Chalky strikes an agreement. Nucky slips out for a few (dozen) drinks with the locals. The young deputy Thompson, casting for a way to get in the good graces of the Commodore, makes his acquaintance with Gillian. Mueller utters his given name, and our time in Chicago appears at an end.
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Boardwalk Empire: The King of Norway  Season 5, Episode 5

Chalky surfaces in Atlantic City and Nucky, on his way to NYC for yet another meeting with the Italians, offers shelter. Gillian doesn't feel very positive about her prospects in the nuthouse. Eli and his wife have dinner at the Muellers'. The younger Enoch is now deputy sheriff and is courting Mabel, to the dismay of her father.
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Boardwalk Empire: Cuanto  Season 5, Episode 4

Margaret goes to Nucky for help with her Rothstein problem. Charlie meets with Capone, surrounded by sycophants and thrilled with his reputation as Public Enemy #1, and he sees a familiar face. Things are getting tense in Cuba, and Sally feels the winds of political change firsthand.
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Boardwalk Empire: What Jesus Said  Season 5, Episode 3

Chalky and his fellow escapee seek refuge. Nucky goes a-courtin' and opts for seltzer. Margaret is asked about Mr. Redstone and meets with Mrs. Redstone. Dr. Narcisse declines an offer he shouldn't refuse. Meanwhile in Flashback City, our young protagonist delivers fresh flowers and kisses a pony.
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Boardwalk Empire: The Good Listener  Season 5, Episode 2

Eli and Van Alden raise funds after a bust. Nucky, who is contemplating retirement, goes to New York to find out who ordered the hit on him in Havana. We learn a little about the history between Nucky's dad and the Commodore. Gillian makes a trade. Willie interviews for a job. Capone gets measured for a suit, and Eliot Ness comes to town. [more inside]
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Boardwalk Empire: Golden Days for Boys and Girls  Season 5, Episode 1

We meet the younger Nucky and learn how he meets the Commodore. Back in the present day, 1931, Nucky is in Cuba with Sally, and is laying the groundwork to get back into business. Chalky is on a chain gang, and can't seem to tie his shoelaces. Margaret feels the repercussions of the crash firsthand. Charlie drinks espressos with Joe.
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