Ghosted: Haunted Hayride
December 4, 2017 10:35 AM - Season 1, Episode 8 - Subscribe

Max and Leroy are sent to find out if a young girl who disappeared during a haunted hayride was the result of paranormal activity or something more benign.

I need to get the notes for their alphabet game.

This feels strangely like a first episode of a new season. I liked it, but still weird.

AV Club laments that this great episode wasn't the second one of the season.
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Yaah, someone else is still watching this!

To be honest, there hasn't been much to discuss in past episodes (though I enjoyed Blake Anderson and Anders Holm as Jared and Chaz, the Ghost Studz -- mostly). This is my second favorite B+ comedy, following The Mayor -- fun filler, pretty forgettable for the most part.
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This was pretty solid. While I don't have much complaints about the quality in general, it would surely fit better if the episodes were aired in order.
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‘Ghosted’ Picked Up for Six Additional Episodes at Fox, Enlists New Showrunner. The new Showrunner is Paul Lieberstein, who has a lot of good production and writing credits but is probably best known as Toby Flenderson on The Office.

This show has been pretty hit or miss for me, but has a talented cast and a better premise than I thought. I hope they can pull it together.
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Which will bring its first season total up to 16 episodes, making this the new halfway point instead of nearing the end of its arc. Episode 9 is scheduled to air on Jan 7, 2018 and #10 a week after. I'm guessing there'll be another hiatus as the other 6 episodes are shot? Weird.

I need to get the notes for their alphabet game.

Here's my attempt to pull out their rules:
  1. apply a number value to each of the letters.
  2. double points for two of your letters on the same plate
  3. triple points for an out-of-state plate
  4. if you spot your exact initials and the numerical value of the digits reduce to any single digit from your birth year, it's a thousand points
  5. I see it first and roll my window down, then it's a death plate and you exit the game
  6. But if I want to reenter the game, I have to hit your hazards as we pass your initials - on a nearby billboard
  7. If the plate is visible only from the mirror, you can call "reversey," and I have to put the car in reverse - as soon as it's safe to do so
  8. But if I call a reversey in error, you get to snap my seat belt against my chest
Example: Double "B" and Ohio, that's 28 points

Proposed rule: Canadian plates shouldn't count.

Clearly, there are still some details missing here.
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i wonder what hazards are.

also, foreign plates should totally count quintuple, unless you're in a border state to Canada or Mexico, then they're triple like out of states.

I would call reversey but no putting the car in reverse, that's too much.
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Huh, this thing is still going? Ok, going to catch up - it's not great, but it's like an affectionate puppy with deep staring eyes.
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They've got a workmanlike groove going on, iron out a few wrinkles so every episode doesn't feel like a separate pilot.
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The relief pattern around the BU elevator doors is the same as the tile in Deckard's apartment in Blade Runner.
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numaner: i wonder what hazards are.

Hazard lights, or emergency flashers.
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