My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 384: Face 2 Face: TORONTO! LISTEN!
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Despite the title of this live episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me, this one's actually from our performance at PodCon 2017 in beautiful, foggy Seattle! Join us as we dive into some pressing Yahoos with the help of our constant guardian, Rock N' Roll Navi.
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I think that it's gross to compliment a person's smell, but it's ok for a woman to compliment another woman's choice of fragrance. Like you have to acknowledge that it's an artificial choice they made and not a property of their body.

Justin's note of "What have you gained?" Is a good question. I have at least one memory of a time someone smelled good and I did remember and think about sometimes, like now.
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Also there was just so much yelling and screeching in this episode that I wish I had skipped it.
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There were some good goofs here but yeah, there were some higher peaks than normal.
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I'm on the other side of the fence on this one: I loved this episode, complete with screeching, and thought they knocked it out of the part with nearly every goof ("J'ACCUSE, PAPA!" made me spit out a mouthful of water during my commute.) But then, I am so very squarely in the overlap on the Venn diagram of vintage glam rock fans and MBMBAMbinos and I would absolutely listen to the full 45 minutes of TORONTOOOOOOO
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This was my favorite episode in a long time.

The Sunday School teacher singing about donuts was a delight
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Robert Loggia orange juice ad
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I will never understand the dislike of live shows for MBMBAM. The audience action/reaction is absolutely infectious and does not phong but improve the show for me. I legitimately look forward to them.
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My journey with the Paul Stanley bits throughout:

This is stupid (not funny)
This is stupid (amusing but dumb)
This is stupid (legit funny)
This is STUPID (hysterical)
This is stupid (now part of my daily inner life and I'll carry it with me for the rest of my days and reference at inappropriate times)
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The LOTR wedding question felt like it needed to be a Judge John Hodgman episode.
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