The Adventure Zone: Live in Nashville!
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Our heroes are joined by a familiar face as they take on a dangerous heist in another reality. ALSO: Some news about the next few experimental arcs!
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So, once and for all, is the Tres in "Tres Horny Boys" Spanish for three or French for very? This has been bothering me for about two years.
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They pronounce it like the number but then the intro to this episode made me doubt everything again.
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I thought it was a double entendre, which they usually pronounce like the number.

I was so happy to hear Griffin's announcement. I found that the last arc was kind of hard to follow being every other week and bringing in a bunch of characters who we only met once, months ago.

The only thing I don't like about Adventure Zone live shows is that Justin seems to play an exaggerated version of the Justin who records sitting next to their bumbling dad and gets frustrated a lot, and it's just a little too Frasier for me.
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The main problem with commitment was that it was every two weeks and it needs to be more regular to build flow. Great decision.

I also laughed way harder (on the 65 bus) than was strictly justified at:
Travis: "I'm wearing a Tuxedo, without sleeves"
Clint: "I'm wearing Tuxedo Sleeves"
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I was at this show and you can probably hear me scream on this recording! Can confirm that Nashville was very, very horny for that one.
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I laughed my ass off in public at several moments of this, particularly when Mangus uses "parry" and they have a quick back and forth imagining it's some dude named Perry.
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I can't help but assume that Terry is Garfield the Deals Warlock in disguise!
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He did say he was out of the deals game.
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