Chapo Trap House: Episode 176 - Any Port In a Stormy feat. Alex Pareene (1/13/18)
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The boys + Amber joined by Alex Pareene of Splinter to discuss Shithole week, and the immigration deal the Democrats were ready to cut. Also, the House passing the extension of the NSA's warrantless surveillance program, the barbaric new work requirements for Medicaid in states like Kentucky, and what would have been the epoch defining scandal of another timeline. In the reading series they pay tribute to the Tarfu Report by dipping into David Brook's latest with Alex.
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I really liked the point they made taht while Republicans' eugenics motivations for cruel means-testing for things like medicaid is awful, the liberal version of the same thing, making you fill out forms and wait forever on hold just to get benefits, feels a lot like the same cruelty from the point of view of the people who need the services to eat or get medical care.
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