Chapo Trap House: Episode 178 - Government Nutdown (1/22/18)
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Due to the government shutdown Amber and Matt have been furloughed so Will, Felix and Virgil take the show in a strange new direction...topics include: the government shutdown, Trump voter letters to the NYT, Smokey the Bear: Hot or Not?, What "the economy is good" means in regards to Americans' actual lives, Chelsea Manning at Freedom Night, the right wing musical stylings of Milk n Cook and Mark Steyn's Putty Tat song. They also give their congrats to this weekend's winning NFL teams.

Matt and Amber are furloughed due to the government shutdown. We can't say what branch of government they work for, but fortunately since the government of Iran has it together, Felix is still available.

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"If you had a body like Smoky the Bear you would not wear a shirt"

Love Will's summation of the Democratic promise: "the possibility of making your life 2-3% better if you're willing to fill out a zillion forms."
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The Chelsea Manning thing is unfortunate, but not entirely unexpected. Extremely Online millennials does seem to be one place where horseshoe theory works out. A while ago there was a big thing because it turned out Laurie Penny was a Milo friend/defender. See also: pretty much anyone who's been on Russia Today. Just like the trad media, these new media stars still want to extend "professional courtesy" in public appearances with the people they fight vitriolically online for some reason. It doesn't make much sense to me.
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really enjoyed the will, felix, virgil config and would love for them to play around with the format so it’s not alway a full deck of five hosts at once. you see different sides of them, felix had to be a little more serious/insightful this ep and almost filled the matt role which was neat.
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