Supergirl: Legion of Superheroes
January 16, 2018 3:35 PM - Season 3, Episode 10 - Subscribe

Supergirl remains in a dreamlike state after sustaining injuries. A member of the Legion of Superheroes is recruited to bring her back.

- Y'know, in these superhero shows, I never understand why when villains fly off after losing, the good guys don't immediately chase them down. Like, they see them fly away, but they act all surprised and then it's either "oh no we won't be able to catch them, even though we can travel as fast as they do!" or "eh we'll get them next time they do something that we can totally prevent if we chase them right now."
- Nobody thought maybe to extract the blood of the Legion to have their DNA? And just keep it in the future ship so the future people could have the information to destroy the Blight? Like, when Mon'El said their DNA can't be stolen, I was all "??? literally a bunch of stuff could be taken from your body that have your DNA."
- Melissa Benoit acting as J'onn acting as Kara was hilarious. That whole situation was hilarious, especially when Kara summed it up at the end.
- I'm still of the belief that Ruby will either help the team defeat Reign somehow, or she'll help Sam get control of Reign.
- Ugh, creepy preacher guy is the worst.
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Stray thoughts:

* IIRC (I am admittedly no expert), Saturn Girl's power is telepathy. It was weird to see them shift that to telekinesis and make Brainiac 5 the one talking to Kara. (Not necessarily offputting, just kinda wtf.)

* I'm seriously peeved about the sidelining of Lena Luthor here. Leaving aside the ethics of lying to her while claiming to be besties... she's a Luthor, and a capable mad scientist in her own right. If ever there was a reason to deal her in, Reign's it.

* It was cool to see them break out the whole starship to fight Reign.
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I must admit I had serious feelings seeing Supergirl bruised and beaten and splayed out on that concrete like a dead fish/messiah figure. That was well done. But, I don't know ... I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, and I have not missed any episodes -- why I am I so often confused about WTF is going on??? Wasn't the Preacher pro-Supergirl? Now he's Rah Rah Reign? Is he crazy? Is he an opportunist? Is he a convenient plot device for the writers so they can fix past mistakes? Why does it always seem like the DEO turns into fragile, wilting rosebuds whenever Supergirl is injured? "Let's stand around and see if she wakes up." does not seem like a particularly honorable course of action when a vengeful alien is out wreaking havoc. You could drive a freight train through the plot holes. AND, I thought jokey, dude bro Mon-El was the worst Mon-El, but NO - "I am mature and serious" Mon-El is more annoying by a factor of 10.
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well... they stood around for a bit and then they tried to take down Reign on their own and almost succeeded if Reign wasn't Kryptonian+.

I was confused about the preacher too. I think it's more of a combination of trying to save his own ass and getting back at Shoehorn for not listening to him.

haha every Mon-El is more annoying than the last.

sorry, dunno why i keep spelling his name with apostrophe, i triple checked and it's a dash
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I'm pretty sure the Preacher's deal is worship of Kryptonians due to exposure to the probe with the betahedron. Like, it was supposed to communicate, but it accidentally broke his brain.

Now he wants a Kryptonian messiah to show up and fix everything and to accept human worship. It was okay when Supergirl turned him down because he could just keep telling himself that she'd come around. When she lost though, his delusion switched over to Reign because Reign proved to be more powerful (and therefore more worthy of worship). Probably doesn't hurt that Reign's promises fit his delusion better too - she claims to be here to do the things he was expecting instead of destroy the world.
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I echo everything Mordax said and want to add that I really wish Lena's actress could just go with her natural accent. She does a really good job and is a great character, but it distracts me sometimes. Plus, I hate her paired with James. That is terrible behavioral modeling for younger viewers -- she's his boss, for chrissakes!

Honestly the best thing about Mon-el/Valor showing up with the squad is that Saturn Girl never appears insecure about (or threatened by) Kara and Mon-El's former relationship. It's really nice to see this on the CW, which is really hit-or-miss in its sexist treatment of female characters (see: every pair of stilettos Felicity wears on Arrow, the fact that no woman of childbearing age exists on SuperGirl or Arrow without getting forced into some kind of love interest/love triangle plotline, women are repeatedly lied to "for protection" and often denied agency in any decision-making process that affects them in The Flash, Arrow and SuperGirl, etc.).

Really, Legends of Tomorrow barely skirts this problem, but Caity Lotz as White Canary is ideal. A woman in charge who isn't defined by her sexual relationships and doesn't wear impractical shoes during fight scenes? Amen to that!
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