Supergirl: Fort Rozz
January 30, 2018 7:54 PM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Supergirl and Saturn Girl recruit some old rivals for a mission to find a prisoner from Fort Rozz who knows how to defeat Reign.

A pretty straightforward episode here, but some legit heartfelt stuff, with Livewire and Mon-El.

I wonder why they haven't used Psi sooner against Reign, it would've been worth one try to see what she could do.

I'm sad about Livewire, since she added a much needed edge to the show when she appeared in the past.

Sooo they just left Fort Rozz there floating, I assume? With just female prisoners surviving? What are they even doing for food?

I'm minding Mon-El less, especially now that they're playing him up as "wise" and capable. But I do mind Shoehorn not getting over it already. I mean, I empathize, but there's more plot to cover!
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I'll miss Livewire. I've had a soft spot for her since her original appearances in S:TAS.

The rest of this... yeah. I'm kind of reserving judgment until it shakes out, really. The problem with a story arc that unfolds slowly is that it's difficult to judge until it's over.

In the short term, I'm mostly still tickled by the gender reversals present on the show: relegating the guys to mission control and putting the women in an enemy mine situation with complicated trust dynamics was worth the watch even if the details are fuzzy or silly.
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Sarah Douglas, who plays Jindah Kol Rozz, played Ursa in Superman II.
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