The Flash: Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash
January 30, 2018 7:40 PM - Season 4, Episode 12 - Subscribe

A meta who can shrink anything he touches battles Team Flash, and Cisco and Ralph get caught in the crossfire. Cecile realizes her pregnancy has caused her to have temporary powers, which unnerves Joe, and Barry tries to help a fellow inmate.
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"My name is Barry Allen and I am the dumbest man alive. I was lost in time (except I really wasn't; I was trapped in the Speed Force, but I guess that doesn't make for compelling narration) and then I came back and ended up found guilty of a murder I didn't commit. Now I'm in prison where you'd think I would know that there are eyes and cameras everywhere, so instead of laying low, I broke my new friend that everyone knew was my new friend out of prison using my powers, and of course the whole thing was caught on camera. Now I'm in metahuman prison. I am... In Over My Head."
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y'know, i'm not gonna complain about him getting caught by that camera. because we've been complaining about how he can move faster than those oscillating cameras. like i was ready to complain that he could've done what he did for Big Sir to still fight crime. also, hooow are they still not using Cisco's life-like projection thing to help Barry be the Flash?

also, guy with ability to shrink people would've been a good time to call Kid Flash for help.

the Joe and Cecille stuff was really good though. i enjoyed that.
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I enjoyed this one all right. I mean, the stuff with Barry was, as noted, unbearably stupid.

But the telepathy/relationship stuff was surprisingly thoughtful, and I'm a sucker for shrinking gags.
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I spent the last couple of episodes looking at Big Sir and thinking "damn, he looks familiar". Last night, watching this ep, my brain goes "is that... Mick Foley??!"

Close, but no cigar. Sorry I didn't recognize ya, Goldberg.
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I was lost in time (except I really wasn't; I was trapped in the Speed Force, but I guess that doesn't make for compelling narration)

Thank you! That has been annoying me all season.
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So Barry didn't want to be a fugitive on the run after a prison break, because that would be a terrible fate. Yet it's exactly the fate he foists upon Big Sir, completely without his consent or approval. Yeah, that seems fair.

Am I a bad person for thinking it's suitably fitting that now Barry gets to experience what it's like in an illegal meta human lock up with no facilities? Nah, I didn't think so.
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Barry's plot usual, Barryesque. It's a good thing the actor is charming and adorable, otherwise...

The rest of the show was fun. Enjoyed the Lego setup. Cecile's random pregnancy telepathy is weird but it gave her something to do.
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