Happy!: The War On Easter
March 28, 2019 12:04 AM - Season 2, Episode 1 - Subscribe

While Nick Sax copes with being sober....ish, Sonny Shine pitches a rebranding of Easter to the Pope.

All the characters struggle to recover including Nick who is trying to walk the "straight and narrow" with help from Happy!

The AV club says, "after an uneven start, Happy! gives us reason to hope."
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I am a huge fan of the first season. Start to Finish. Lots of seriously good stuff there.

The start of the S02 premier - I got skeptical - BUT! they doubled down on the weird, and I think there's a fundamentally good story there to be told as long as their competency matches their audacity.

I'm in.

This feels very China Miéville-y to me*, with ancestral DNA inherited from Kafka. I taste a little bit of Lovecraft but lacks the malevolence and the gross racist "other-ness" and "other-ing."

That Happy! has the capacity to (potentially) grow is another interesting thing the writers could explore - possibly to contrast Nick's apparent path to growth.

I wonder if the (pen)ultimate** finale is Nick finally "growing up" and - not that he's not needing an imaginary friend anymore - but that he learns from being responsible to an imaginary friend, then applies that discipline to real people - is when Happy! gladly fades from Nick's perceptions.

*More Kraken and less his Crobuzon stuff

**ie., apparent that Nick has improved, but the ultimate episode shows the cascade result of all the rest of his unaddressed faults

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The slapstick on a bloody slippery floor!
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That was pretty great. The bloody slippery floor stuff was my favorite part, but the visit to Nick's imagination where he had heat vision and a chainsaw was also glorious.

I'm really excited about the rest of the season.
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the bloody floor was so fun! I loved his whole "I'm really not even trying to kill anybody!" shtick
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