Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Nathaniel and I are Just Friends!
February 3, 2018 5:11 AM - Season 3, Episode 11 - Subscribe

Rebecca faces new fears in therapy; Paula brings her new friend to work.
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A good episode — a return to its usual high quality, IMO. And thank god somebody finally got real with Akopian about her necklaces.
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I did not feel good about this episode, unfortunately. It felt super long- after 15 minutes, I couldn’t believe I had 45 minutes to go. So much filler on all the storylines- move it along already! I need to see Nathaniel and Rebecca banging for 50 minutes? We get it, it’s bad.
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Huh. I kinda thought the plot was intentionally secondary to character nuance this time out, esp with the time jump. What we learn about how some things had endured (Heacther still together?!) and some things had really changed (Valencia!) added a layer, to me.
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I loved it. This show has just gotten more interesting and layered.
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Why is there not commentary on Nathaniel being in a "serious relationship" with one person while being in love with, and maintaining a relationship with, another person? That's not good. Is he really in a good place?
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Absolutely not! Hopefully that'll be addressed in a future episode, because it seemed like a storytelling choice not to give him scenes without Rebecca; except for the Josh/WhiteJosh/DogJosh scenes bookending the time skip, this one was 100% from the women's viewpoints.

Also, am I wrong to think Dr. Akopian is wrong and Rebecca is right about pursuing a full-fledged emotional relationship with Nathaniel? The halfway solution of "let's just have a long-term affair" is of course shitty as all hell, but emotional involvement leads Rebecca to bad places and if she doesn't feel comfortable handling that yet, that's not the same as saying she doesn't deserve love.
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Good point, HZ. Maybe instead of "Should I yes/no" the question should be "HOW could I, when could I, what do I need to make the risk of a relationship a realistic choice?"
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Is anyone else having trouble getting the last two episodes to play on the CW site?
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I'm glad Sunil is back and happy to see the office gang get something to do.

I loved the time jump. I thought Heather volunteering to be a surrogate was bizarre, so I'm hoping that plot will be done in the next episode. But, man, Hector is a really good guy. I'm glad he and Heather are working through her weird pregnancy decision. I also liked the fake out. When Heather went to get the CO2 canister, I thought we were about to get a "got my life together" type song, and instead we got a time jump straight to angry, super pregnant Heather.

Seeing Josh trying to strong arm White Josh into naming his dog Dog Josh makes me wonder how many other things Josh has tried to name for himself over the years.

I feel like Valencia and her new business/life partner are destined for drama - but, we'll see. That first meeting definitely felt like a date, so the reveal after the 8 month jump didn't surprise me.

I like Nathaniel and Rebecca together, but I don't care at all about this drawn out non-break up. Rebecca may or may not be able to handle a romantic relationship at this point, but she obviously can't handle working with Nathaniel and not having a romantic relationship, so something's going to have to give there, and I hope it gets resolved soon.
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I finally got to watching this and I was relating to it. I mostly wasn't too into it until the end, where I was relating to Rebecca's fears all too well. If you know you go insane when you love someone, and you got just enough sanity back to realize it, it's like a drug addiction. We have people with addictions usually have to swear off them for life like drugs/alcohol, and lord knows it's a huge problem if your addiction is food and you can't swear off it entirely. Love probably falls somewhere in the middle of those two.

That said, Rebecca's been having a halfassed relationship of banging for 8 months, so it's not like she has ever gone cold turkey.

But...should she ever try to have a real relationship again? Maybe not. Maybe she just can't handle it, maybe ever. How is she going to put the brakes on herself? Is that something she can ever learn, to not go crazy every time someone doesn't immediately text back?

I was kind of rooting for them to get back together even though I shouldn't, but...yeah, she probably shouldn't try to. It makes me sad, but love's not for everyone, especially if you abuse it.
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Ugh, I had more thoughts. She can hopefully try to restrain her behavior, or at least not commit crimes, but her brain probably will go to bad places every single time she feels abandoned, at least. I don't know if that is something the heart learns not to do because on some level we're all abandoned six year olds and never get over that even with years of therapy. Lord knows I at least learned to not act needy on the outside back in the day, but sadly I still felt it. And if you still feel that...are you cured? No.

Maybe banging Nathaniel in the supply closet IS the way she's moderating her feelings and not going whole hog?
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I finally got to watching this and I was relating to it. I mostly wasn't too into it until the end, where I was relating to Rebecca's fears all too well. If you know you go insane when you love someone

Yeah. I think this is a big part of my fascination with the show - besides the music and Rebecca's wardrobe. A lot of people I know were ready to give up on the show after 3-4 episodes because "Why is she STILL going after Josh - he's so not worth it!" It's not a reasonable decision, it's more like an addition which seems mostly like a romantic love story which your culture has taught you to look for but somehow it keeps not getting the right ending.

Oh my god, Rebecca's wardrobe. Especially the blouses which accommodate a large bustline while looking elegant and work-appropriate and nicely skim any problematic midriff areas. I want them all.
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