Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood discussion
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I've requested the show to be added but wasn't sure about how to set up the discussion. I'm sure we don't have enough people interested so I was aiming for a whole season discussion.

I just binged the entire 64 episodes in the last 5 days or so, and basically I reaaaally want to talk about the ending. I don't want to put spoilers here in FanFare Talk, so right now I'm thinking of just one post for the whole thing? However if no one cares we can talk freely here and I'll ask a mod to put spoilers at the top of this post.
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I'm happy to throw in my two cents anyplace folks want to ante up. I should say that it's been quite a few years since I saw it, and I remember how I felt about it, but probably next to none of the details of what actually happened, so my opinions will be worth even less than usual...

It might be worth mentioning it in the 'winter 2018 anime' thread; at least some of the folks in there would probably show up for an argument about which is better, Brotherhood or the original. :D
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I poked my head in that and was kind of lost for a bit. I don't really keep up with anime as much as I would like to. But I'll give it a shot!
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Yeah, it's kind of an impenetrable discussion if you're not watching anything from the currently-airing season. I put in a word about FMA too... that's not a high-activity thread, so it may be a while before anybody has anything to say about it.
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I love Full Metal Alchemist quite a bit, and would love to chat about the series with someone - either of the series, or the manga.
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I dug the original FMA, started Brotherhood and found myself irked at some of the changes and moved on, is it much different overall and worth taking up again?
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I find that Brotherhood trends a bit closer to the actual manga, personally, so I enjoyed it a great deal more. (Olivier. Mira. Freaking. Armstrong. For starters!)

Anyway, I found myself enjoying Brotherhood loads more once I made it past past the true-to-the-manga stuff that the first series already covered; by around episode 13-ish, I was enjoying Brotherhood way more than the original series, if only because of the stronger character development and how it more closely followed the source material. I'd give it at least that far, but if you make it to episode 20 and aren't into it, I get it, move on. However! I think episode 33 is when the aforementioned marvel that is Olivier Armstrong is introduced, I believe.
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so i did read that Brotherhood was intended to be true to the manga, but the reception was that the first season (or on Netflix, Part 1) was very similar to the earlier series, and that frustrated some viewers. however that was natural since the first series stayed true to the manga up to that point. like stuff with Liore at least are almost word for word from what i recall.

i'm gonna go ahead and make that post so we can spoil it all in there!
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For me the thing I found irksome about the early part of Brotherhood was that it was similar to the earlier series, but with the pacing and set up changed in ways that affected the build up to events less satisfactorily, with things seeming to being revealed or understood "too soon" in comparison, but if Brotherhood does depart from the original series more radically later, then I'll have to give it another try to see if the difference fits better into its the overall scheme.

As to the Fanfare element, that's a tough call since 64 episodes is a lot to cover in a single post, but 64 individual episodes aren't likely to get much use if people are just dropping in randomly to post comments. My feeling is that longer series need an episode viewing schedule if people want to discuss each show in detail, otherwise an overall summary post for the whole show probably would see more use, but contain more general impressions and emphasis on the conclusion more than anything else.
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