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February 21, 2018 7:34 PM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Margo makes a bold stand against the Fairy Queen; and Quentin and Penny try to retrieve a lost item.
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Margo went from severely "meh" for me in the first season to now one of my favorite characters. The fairy queen has been a great foil for her to gain some much needed character development. I very much appreciate her dedication and ruthlessness in defense of her kingdom.

Also, for all the moisture that the fairies seem to need, the fairy queen's makeup is pretty damn....cakey? I suppose it could be a choice...a way to show how out of her natural environment she is in Fillory, but I remain unconvinced. She should be dewy AF with all that bathing and lotion rubbing her servants are doing.
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I thought that Quentin and Eliot’s life together in Fillory was one of the sweetest moments of the series but I promise that I am not emotionally invested in any ships on this show. I want to make that clear so that no one thinks that pining for any particular other pairing is my motive for saying that Quentin and Poppy have precisely zero chemistry.
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I've been wondering if the power infusion to Julia is a step toward her becoming a demigod.
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Parasite, I think the show recognizes that. I mean, Poppy only jumped him to shut him up and get him to quit moping. They're portraying her as somewhere between "free spirit" and "loony tunes" which is fair enough. I kind of love it when they highlight how insufferable Quentin generally is, even while recognizing that is heart is in the right place.
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Progressing things good. I thought the insurrection at the end was a little forced. I felt there should have been a lot more build up other than simply referencing the recent problems created by the lack of magic. I have no doubt that Margo and Elliott will be fine, though.

I've been wondering if the power infusion to Julia is a step toward her becoming a demigod.

If this isn't it, then I'm being lead down the exact same path of presumption. She literally has the power source of a demi-god (the Fox) placed inside her by another deity. I don't see how this cannot end with her growing in similar power short of her finding a way to dilute it or something.

I'm still cautious about the build up with whats their names, the old magic family now in ownership of Brakebills, who have the enslaved fairies. That's absolutely somehow going to tie into resolving the fairy problem in Fillory...but I don't know how yet.

Quentin and Poppy. Ah well.
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A very enjoyable episode with some large ramifications brewing. There's some damn good acting going on in this episode, particularly from Appleman and Curran. And don't pick on Felicia Day, she is a queen among my people.

I shouldn't have watched the preview at the end which show Eliot and Janet back on the throne, so they found some way out of the rebellion. But Fen loose on the Physical Kids' House? That is going to be really interesting.

Sweater watch: nothing distracting until Alice's last scene. Does OTD actually like dressing like this or is this a wardrobe choice.
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