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I don’t care about Quentin and I especially don’t care about about mopey Quentin, so doubling down and giving the audience a second mopey Quentin did not work for me even a little.

Felicia Day played Felicia Day exactly the same way that Felicia Day plays Felicia Day in everything that Felicia Day is in. If she has acting range I haven’t seen it, but she always does a serviceable job of being Felicia Day and that’s exactly what she gets hired to do.

This episode wasn’t on the same level as the previous one but it moved a lot of people into position for whatever’s next and you need to have episodes like that now and then, so here we are.
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Yeah, I didn't want to be the first one to say it, but in a trivial annoyance sort of way, I cannot stand Felicia Day. Especially when contrasted against the previous episode, which was charming, this was something of a letdown. Hopefully she'll run off in the Underworld or something.
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I didn't know Felicia Day was in the show until I saw her name pop up in the opening credits. I think everyone's thoughts are pretty even. She does very well playing a character played by Felicia Day, and I presume, when she's cast for these roles, that's what the producers know when doing so. It's not as if she's that big a name to be sought after to help gain recognition. Her character in this episode was "eh." I think she could have been replaced by a lesser known actor and the result would have been just the same.

This episode did have the highlight of bringing back our favorite High King and High Queen. I love the two together. I'll admit, I'm really, really, ready to see the Fairy Occupation over, and we're at least pushing forward toward that. Granted, I expect that will be more a season finale matter tied into the restoration of just gotta deal.
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I found watching Quentin facing his literal demon and then seeing someone with the same issues succumbing to it pretty intriguing. I could very well have gone either way, hopefully I'd be smart enough to get myself tied to the mast too. Sometimes a mopey character lets the viewer explore that side of their emotions and while this wasn't award-winning it was certainly effective in reminding us why Quentin tends to be a wet sack. I find his attitude off putting in many instances in the series so far, but personally it's because I don't like that side of myself, and that makes him more relateable than I would like to admit.
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Yeah this episode wasn't that great but Quentin describing his own face as "if a foot had frown lines" just about killed me.
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Yea there is something annoying about the protagonist being annoying but a certain appropriateness with him torturing himself, except a little boring.
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seriously underrated line from Fog:

"I'm a dean without a school. Just a blind, unemployed, BLACK MAN in AMERICA ... which, shockingly, was actually being kept 38% more tolerant with a series of enchantments, which have now died, in case you hadn't noticed, or perhaps maybe you weren't in a position to need to-"
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I was on board with the general idea of exploring depression via the key. (despite his bad decisions and other faults, having Quentin as a protagonist who is bi, has depression, and is super into analyzing fantasy novels makes me feel a little represented.)

I experienced some mood whiplash that it wasn't taken quite as seriously when Benedict, after recently disclosing his depression to Quentin, went overboard and got eaten by a dragon. But then, the people in Fillory don't seem to be as "real" as the people at Brakebills.

I am glad Margo has Elliot back. And looking forward to more of Alice trying to make Penny a new body. She is an overachiever and I love it.
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