iZombie: Are You Ready for Some Zombies?
February 27, 2018 10:18 AM - Season 4, Episode 1 - Subscribe

While investigating the murder of a Seattle Seahawk superfan, Liv has a surprising vision; Major mentors young, homeless zombies; Ravi reveals a surprising result from his experiment; An old threat resurfaces.

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- Wow, they really went full zombie city. With the wall courtesy of the federal government (very relevant). And guillotine! I wonder if Chase Graves was on dictator brain.
- It's funny to see Blaine now as just a middle manager type and not a big zombie honcho anymore. And still can't get Peyton.
- So Liv is no longer the only zombie on the force eating brains to solve crimes. And they even tell suspects about it! But interesting that it's not admissible in court.
- Also when did Dale become Captain/Chief? Did they show that in the end of season 3?
- I wonder what Chase's end game is here. Just keeping zombies afloat? Waiting for the right time to spread? Completely take over?
- I was surprised Angus was brought back so soon, but this show does move fast. Also, hilarious that Blaine's words to him are God's words.
- Ravi's cure is intriguing. I wonder if after you eat them while in zombie state, you still get the visions in human state.
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Season 4 is off to a good start. I do wonder how many zombies escaped before the wall was built. That number can't be zero and could cause problems. Also I agree with Clive, New Seattle is living on borrowed time. It can't be long before the US army takes action....
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I'm wondering what happens to a human who takes the vaccine who doesn't have the routine brain access that Ravi does. With no delicious brain right in front of your nose, would the cravings pass without incident?
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ooo that's also a good question! i hope all that gets addressed
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Yay the new season is finally here!
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Impressed that they have jumped into a whole new arc. Was pleasantly surprised that they have found a way to keep things interestimg.
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My goodness, a wall? An authoritarian regime? A guillotine? No political overtones here. (I chuckled ruefully.)

When the opening credits included "The Prophet," we gasped with suspicious confusion. I was bored by Blaine's father in life and in his initial zombiedom, but now I'm mesmerized.
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Go Hawks!
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I love how Major has come full circle in this one. It's clear he likes mentoring kids - and also clear that once again things are going to end horribly for him.

I am here for Naked Ravi, man. And Peyton so is not! But I did love the "What should I do about Ravi?"/ "I think you should get back together with him!" exchange.
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On the one hand, I love that they went big with this concept. On the other hand, I keep thinking stuff like:

* If everyone's a zombie, why is Liv the only pale person ANYWHERE? Hello, even that teenage girl mentioned getting pale at some point.
* Is Seattle out of fake tanner and hair dye now?
* How the fuck is Ravi a part time zombie with ONE tiny hair change? Ridiculous. Be all in or all out on that one, show.
* It's not safe to live in Seattle for anyone. If you're a human you're walking bait for hungry zombies. If you're a zombie they are eventually gonna run out of brains and lose their shit. Oh, sure, NOW you realize that vaccinating a bunch of people to turn them was a bad idea.
* Speaking of: where are all those brains coming from? I didn't think zombies ate rotted brains out of cemeteries. This is like everything I ever read about how we couldn't have all that many vampires IRL because they would run out of food or whatever. Except worse here since brains aren't that easy to replenish.
* It's not noticed or anything that Liv shows up acting like dead dad and now they know why that happens?

Don't MST3K me, folks, if you're gonna make a change like this you gotta think stuff out. Also, what Alan watched/said.
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- I saw a few pale zombies around but not as many as I would have thought, my head canon is that the US army ships in fake tanner and hair dye by the bucket load.
- It's def not safe in Seattle for anyone, I felt like they made a few references to just how tenuous it really is. But the original plan was to turn it into a zombie utopia and take over the country or something and Chase limited that as much as possible. His only bargaining chip is still having humans around.
- Similarly, the explained at the end of last season that they would be importing the brains from across the country from the recently deceased, I think that's what Chase Graves requested anyway. They're still on rations.

I enjoyed this episode! The mystery of the week was the b-plot and not as interesting as usual but they had to get us up to speed with what is happening so I'm okay.

Love the depth of world building there doing here. From the underground brain market, the fancy restaurant with fancy brains on the menu - all very reminiscent of Children of Men.

One thing that's interesting is Liv is no longer special, not just in Seattle but also in the workforce. While I obviously still want the story to center on her, there are heaps of other cops now doing the exact same thing. That makes the story a little bit less special for me.
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Yeah, the lack of pale zombies really jumps out at me. I know "tan and dye" is supposed to be their mantra, but it's just obviously that they don't want to have half the cast be bleach-blond.

I think Ravi's condition will end up being dominant to the regular-zombie virus or something along those lines, so they can have it take over and have some new set of zombie rules.
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I don't know if they've ever been all that consistent with zombie-ism causing super pale skin and white hair anyway. Liv is the only one who has ever had that raccoon eyes/alabaster-everything-else look, and they've even toned that down quite a bit from the first season.
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