iZombie: Blue Bloody
March 6, 2018 3:02 PM - Season 4, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Liv eats the brain of a despicable dowager and she must determine which of her disgruntled servants killed her. Clive and Bozzio work on their relationship.

watching it right now so this will be kind of a live-blogging reaction

- Holy hell Angus is in the dead priest's smock. This show is nuts I love it.
- "We're not going anywhere like this, Ms. Daisy"
- You would think there would be some kinda boot camp to put these zombie kids through before just putting them out on patrol in week one?
- "You're like a white Ricardo Montalban"
- "I can never figure these [microheaters] out"
- I'm both surprised and not surprised that Liv and Major are shagging again, but were they already getting back together at the end of season 3?
- "I believe I'll be saving that information for my driver." "Liv, Clive isn't your driver."
- "It's like taking separate cars to the same fireworks show."
- omg that pale little zombie girl :(
- How did Angus get up an operation for brain-gum wrappers printed up so fast? Also, triple cross church is a catchy name. Heavy resurrection vibe.
- "What kind of name is that? Sounds like a "zombie" name." -- I rolled my eyes so hard at this line, like is this guy trying to imply that Muslims are zombies, or he's getting his bigotry cross-wired?
- Are these human punks idiots? "We got guns too!" Like they can really take on the zombies unless they're good enough at headshots?
- Seriously, after that speech you still didn't tighten your helmet strap?
- "Your composure is one of my turn-ons"
- I knew it was the cook. Our children's health can compel us to do anything.
- "The real leader with the badass name is actually the woman" is a tired trope, but I'm ok with it because it's Dawnn Lewis, who was recently on This Is Us as one of the tenants in Randall's new building, and another one of those "hey I know that face" actresses.
- Damn, "I remember a Major Lillywhite who would've stood by a sick child." is a harsh but accurate statement. Oh I guess no more shagging.
- Hahahaha I haven't been to mass in years but I really want to go to one with the priest squeezing out communion wafers from a tube.

Good episode overall. I'm really digging the tension between Fillmore-Graves and resident zombies and also asshole humans. Clive and other more reasonable humans like the shopowner are really stuck in the middle. This show pushes the boundaries so hard every season that I'm expecting full on breakout into the rest of the state if not the country by the end of the season.
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Once again I'm impressed with how carefully Thomas, Ruggiero-Wright and their writing team are in setting up the story lines for the season. They obviously spend a lot of up front time thinking through both the story and character arcs. As a viewer I really appreciate that because it means they are trusting me to pay attention to even the smallest moments because those moments could become important later on.
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I think the storylines they are setting up are potentially pretty interesting, but so far the execution of these two episodes has been pretty meh for me. Babineaux's relationship dynamic last season was really interesting, now, it seems like it should have changed much, much more than they're showing on-screen. Liv and Major's getting back and then breaking up had very little impact, Ravi has seemingly been demoted to providing cheap laughs (the laundromat scene was painful). Has Blane been demoted to only occasional appearances? He wasn't in this episode at all.
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Liv and Major's being back together and then not was awfully fast.

Liv as heinous rich bitch was both fun and horrifying.
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they didn't show it but it's implied she admitted to it for help getting her son out.
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