iZombie: Brainless in Seattle, Part 1
March 14, 2018 1:03 PM - Season 4, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Liv blisses out on hopeless romantic brain as we learn more about Undead Seattle's various black markets. Also: Ravi gets a makeover!

"Although the episode is extremely funny, it still also manages to be probably the darkest episode of the season to date as well. The sense of impending doom that’s been hanging over this season is one of my favorite things about the show’s transition to having Seattle be a walled city full of zombies, and that doom gets a lot closer to becoming a horrifying reality from what we learn in this episode."--AV Club Review

Poster's Sidebar: Was the season premier delayed by exactly a month? Because this seems like it was supposed to air the week of Valentine's Day.
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I about died at the Ravi makeover scene, especially Major busting in on it at the end.
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ah i was just writing this up!

anyways here's my post:


- Oh that poor girl is getting murdered in the next 5 minutes.
- That blonde hair is so light and she's so pale I thought she was a zombie trying to get into Seattle for some of that sweet brain handouts.
- Humans vs Zombies dance party is something I expect to happen IRL in either Seattle or Portland. Also, ok, DJ Deep Cuts is a pretty sweet name.
- Mind blown -> scratch that... oh Clive...
- "That's how anti-diet I am. I have bits about my hatred of that lifestyle choice."
- Just realized hangry is a whole different level for zombies.
- This was a missed opportunity for a Valentine's episode, if only they start he season sooner.
- Yes I'm mouthing the lyrics to madly truly deeply.
- BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY CHATROOM... and there goes the romance
- Finishing each other's sentence with different tenses of the verb isn't the same, Liv.
- Sam Huntington is always so innocent and naive looking to me, and I always have to remind myself he was the kid in Jungle 2 Jungle.
- "Most of my boyfriends have died in terrible ways too!"
- Boundaries Liv!
- "Don't travel far. Not that you can..."
- Heh, so getting scratched is "accidental death". Looks like Seattle (and perhaps the world) needs to redefine "death".
- So if I reading this right Chase is telling Major to do whatever is necessary to make sure that video doesn't get out?
- 10000 zombies? In a city of (*googles*) 700K? And maybe they said it and i missed it but I know a large chunk of the population left before the walls went up. Giving them even 50%, that's still plenty of people. So these humans that are not donating their brains... they really want to have these zombies go crazy if they don't get their brains?
- I'm not clear on how these coyotes are turning humans to zombies... or why. So maybe it's an accident during transport? Maybe they're turning them to make them slaves for the coyote network?
- So Dalton, the brain salesman, just confirmed that it seems like coyotes are making zombies when the humans are about to die trying to sneak out. That's... noble I guess?
- Ha! Competing high-end underground brain restaurants! I love it! And again, would not surprised if this existed in real life Seattle.
- "Caught her practicing meet-cute with a corpse."
- Makeover makeover makeover!
- Ok, Peyton, asking your ex-boyfriend to be your wingman without ever have a clear discussion about where you guys are as friends is kind of mean. But I guess Ravi made his peace with those girls on the dancefloor.
- "Is Blaine here?" "No." "Good" -- "Gonna open up a tab?" "Blaine let us drink for free."
- "Do you think there's anywhere to honeymoon in Seattle that doesn't feel like 'Help! I'm trapped here forever!'?"
- The voiceover narration from Liv like Bridget Jones is great.
- Clearly Humans vs Zombies night is also 90's dance night.
- Of course Dale is hooking up with a zombie.
- Rom-com Liv both makes me wanna barf and laugh. Like the how-you-think-you-makeout vs what-people-see-how-you-really-makeout is hilariously gross.
- Haha omg Chip 'n' Dale was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid.
- I was waiting for the new cop Michelle to turn around and hit on Liv. I have no reasons for this.
- Is this the first time we've seen this much personality from the sketch artist? He's great!
- I should've realized she was making him draw Tim when she said he didn't have a beard.
- Damn, Renegade is nice, and I have a feeling she's not going to survive the season.
- Wow, wasting 1 of 16 cures to be able to eat the guy's human brain to learn about Renegade... Blaine must be really desperate to get Graves off his back.
- End of part 1! "And I thought fate was a bitch." Ha!

This was a pretty great episode. I hope Liv doesn't get too hooked on rom-com brain. That seems like it could be a disaster for all those around her.
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I think numaner covered everything for me. This was fun though!
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Wasn't this the ep when Liv made a crack to Dale about the 80s being before her time? Which kills me, because as soon as we learned Clive's love interest was a missing persons investigator named Dale Bozzio I shouted "MISSING PERSONS!" at the TV.

Gotta wonder if we'll ever see the real Dale and Terry Bozzio guest-star as Other!Dale's parents?

I'm old and will never get sick of this joke.
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yep! it was this episode! i didn't think Dale looked that old though...
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Numaner, my thought was "it's before her time because her parents are actually Dale Sr. and Terry Bozzio" - but realistically, her parents might've just been Missing Persons fans. The band blew up in popularity between 1981 and 1984, mostly.

(Realizing that people born in the mid-to-late-1990s are now well and truly old enough to rent cars makes me feel a little discombobulated.)

Okay I just looked this up on IMDB and it says "Jessica Harmon was born on December 27, 1985" -- that's the actress playing Dale on the show. (!)

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Man that joke about the Bozzios and Missing Persons went right over my head.

The guy Liv was making out with was definitely on the same brain as her. I'm thinking that's what's going to drive next week's conclusion?

- I was waiting for the new cop Michelle to turn around and hit on Liv. I have no reasons for this.
It definitely seemed like it was going that way to me, too.
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heh, I've never heard of the band! that was definitely before my time.

also she plays Niylah on The 100 and I've literally just now realized that. She's also the older sister of Richard Harmon, who plays John Murphy on The 100. i totally stalk their instagrams, as well as most CW show stars

The guy Liv was making out with was definitely on the same brain as her.

aahh I didn't even think about that! we know Blaine got Annie's brain through that salesman, so yeah they probably sold it at the bar!
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If you've heard Zappa's Joe's Garage, Dale Bozzio voices and sings the part of "Mary":
Information is not knowledge
Knowledge is not wisdom
Wisdom is not truth
Truth is not beauty
Beauty is not love
Love is not music
Music is the best.
Terry Bozzio is a legendary drummer and played with Zappa in the 70s. (NB: Zappa's The Black Page.)
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I'm not clear on how these coyotes are turning humans to zombies... or why. So maybe it's an accident during transport? Maybe they're turning them to make them slaves for the coyote network?

I thought the coyotes were smuggling terminally ill people into the city and turning them into zombies. The guy who got turned human again by Blane said Renegade saved his live. That's also a factor in the brain shortage problem, more zombies coming into the city.
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