RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race: My Best Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaids Wedding Trip
March 9, 2018 7:13 AM - Season 3, Episode 7 - Subscribe

It's acting challenge week! Also, Nancy Pelosi pops by the werk room for a random and touching cameo.
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I was really touched by how much the Pelosi visit meant to the queens.

The acting challenges always confuse me- sometimes they show what seems like a mini-movie and other times, like tonight, they show commercials with 5-second clips edited together.

I guess the whole thing is Shangela's to lose now. Her lipsynch was HYSTERICAL.
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I think it's down to Shangela and Trixie now, but Shangela's lipsynch was brilliant, and perfect for a Big Freedia song.

I kind of thought Morgan should have stayed in the final four. I've never especially liked her, but I thought her runway look this episode was absolutely sickening- possibly the best of hers I've seen. And her acting wasn't necessarily worse than BeBe's, who I thought had the weaker runway look this time (although the judges seem to have disagreed).

Certainly, Morgan made some poor choices with the casting (especially taking the most challenging role for herself), but I kind of feel as though BeBe has gotten a very easy ride in some of the judging.

Of course, both Trixie and Shangela's runway looks were outstanding.
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Morgan's face was beat to FILTH- gorgeous!
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Now that Ben is out, Shangela is absolutely my pick for the win. Her growth as a performer over the years is absolutely undeniable. She's so magnetic in every part of the game that when she's onscreen, I can hardly look at anyone else. I love how easily she got away with throwing (good-natured) shade at Bebe during runway prep because she's so funny and likable. And she absolutely came to destroy that lip sync.

That being said, Trixie's runway look was perfection. That waist! Those legs! The books!

After last week's brutal emotional roller coaster, I laughed my ass off when Bebe refused to fess up to whose lipsticks she pulled. No one else would have gotten away with it, but there is just no bullying that queen.

Is it just me, or did Ru look weeeeird in the judging panel? To me it looked like a return of the f'd up hair and makeup from last season.
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Kennedy talking about "me-mes" (memes) was funny, as was Trixie's reaction.
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I didn't stop watching. I'm disappointed in myself.

I don't know why the editors like Shangela's constant Thrones references so much. I think they have the same motivations-- when there's a lack of drama, manufacture it. Unfortunately both have the same delusions about how successful/entertaining/apt they are. If it wasn't for that, I'd probably be more okay rooting for her. As it is, I'm living for Trixie (mostly non-drag personality).

DeLa's exit was the only real bit of drama in the whole season. (And that was kind of a middle finger to the whole process.) The rest was either Shangela scheming with no one (playing chess against herself, I think another commenter said) or booted queens being salty about being sent home for legitimate reasons. (Except Aja. That was cold, Bebe.)

I find myself siding with the conspiracy theorists about Bebe being Ru's spy. Otherwise I just don't understand why she's there in the first place, or still there. Boring.
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Oh and the "lol fat" lip sync. C'mon Shangela.
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It must be hard to be lip-synching and hear big reactions that you know aren’t for you.
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I always feel like Shangela defaults to stereotypes of Black women to get laughs and I am honestly tired of it.

So it seems like she will win this season, and I not too happy about it.
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"who was Trixie's character based on?"
"Erin Brockovich. Julia Roberts movie and a true story"
-Reddit making me feel a million years old
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Uh, kiiiind of D O N E with Shangie a little? I am so tired of the Game of Thrones references. So tired of her constant sniping at anyone’s strategy or presumed strategy. That said, welp, she is possibly the most Entertainery of the girls that are left so...she could still take it, I guess.

The workroom entrance just wasn’t the same without Ben skipping or dancing in or carrying someone in. Sigh. That said I really want Morgan’s long sweater thing?

“I wonder why I’m being given the queen,” says the most beautiful, regal, high-class queen of the bunch. I did giggle. Oh, Bebe. And she’s just not great at the acting challenges! But I am glad Shangie took a little bit of the mickey out of her.

I did not really get her runway look, but then I do tend to be baffled at anyone who covers their face in a metric buttload of sparkly gems (see also: Kennedy, why?!). Well, she is just beautiful in general, at least. She looks amazing in red.

I know Trixie was grumpy about the brown wig, but she looked great, and she did a bang-up job - so funny! She also looked fantastic in red lipstick, which I know previously she’s been pretty vocally opposed to wearing. I loved her runway look, it stood out next to the others and her legs looked fantastic.

Morgan...not great with improv, I see. Disappointing, she’s so gorgeous, and generally so sharp and witty. I wish she’d made more of her opportunity. But she looked amazing in all that tartan! I’m a sucker for a petticoat. And I did like how she knew about swans and hissing...less impressed with her decision to go with quacking instead, but Ross told her to, I guess.

But Trixie - “I like how you have this demure [runway] look, but still managed to make it, like, full hooker.” Bwaaaaaahahaha!

God bless Kennedy. She’s such a huge presence on stage, a giant energetic talent, but next to the other four queens out of drag, her laconic, seemingly standoffish personality does kind of fade. I get her whole reason for coming to All-Stars now and I hope even if she doesn’t win, she gets what she wants and needs out of it. I wasn’t blown away by her acting challenge, but her runway look was stunning, possibly my favorite. And she’s pretty sensible in her talking heads - she’s right that Morgan shouldn’t have taken a weird risk this week.

Shangie’s runway dress was weird and I super, SUPER think the fat suit thing was utterly unnecessary. Like I said, I’m just kind of over her at the moment.

Ru singing along to her own damn song, I can’t.

I dunno! I’m still a little sad about DeLa! It’s just not the same without her hilarious camp, uptalkiness, and determination to be an adorable sweetie. I suppose at this point I’m basically Team Trixie because I enjoy sarcastic autoharpists and also her deer in headlights thumbs up cracked me up.

Sidebar: have we talked about this amazing interview with Michelle Visage yet? It’s pretty killer.
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More firmly entrenching myself in my own conspiracy theories!! Know why Bebe didn't show her lipstick choice? Because she didn't have one! Because the whole thing was known ahead of time, and Ben was always leaving, so Bebe never had to even choose. I will never believe otherwise.
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I am having a hard time caring about who wins now. I don't want it to be Bebe, but other than that mehhhhhh whoever, fine.

They need to wait a longer time until the next All Stars. This one was too soon. That said, I vote for an all-plus size queens season.
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