Jessica Jones: AKA The Octopus
March 10, 2018 2:02 PM - Season 2, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Backed into a corner, Jessica's forced to share her intel on the killer. A groggy Trish tries to pull herself together before an important meeting.

*Vulture - Seeking an Asylum
*Den of Geek - Jessica Jones shows all kinds of personal growth in an episode full of surprises.
*AV Club - Jessica Jones tries to channel her inner octopus

*The Killer burns all of the stolen Alias Investigations files, and her bloody clothing. Later, her practicing "Ain't We Got Fun" on the piano is interrupted by a neighbor with a teething baby who invites herself in because the baby found the music soothing, but takes off once the baby's fussing starts to set the Killer off. (But before she smashes the piano to pieces, which are later added to the bonfire.)

*Hogarth convinces Jessica to cooperate with the police if she wants to avoid losing probation. She tells them what she knows about The Killer (omitting mention of Inez, who is stashed with Malcolm), and surveillance footage of the building confirms the arrival of a not-Jessica super at the time of the murder. Detective Costa tells Jessica that he remembers when Kilgrave mind-controlled him & the rest of the precinct, and wants to keep working together. (Detective Sunday, not so much.) Outside, Cheng confronts Jessica and Hogarth.

*Simpson's inhaler leaves Trish with a major hangover after 26 hours of sleeping, and to Dorothy rushing her to prepare for an interview with ZCN.

*Back at Alias Investigations, Malcolm catches Jessica up on how the body of the murdered IGH nurse, Luanne, was found in the bathtub of IGH janitor Dave, and Jessica asks Oscar to make her a fake ID that will get her into the psychiatric facility where Dave is held.

*Trish's ZCN interview turns out to be a surprise public marriage proposal from Griffin, which all of his shady phone calling & computer hackery were in service of. A stunned Trish can only manage a "Thank you" response. Later, back at the apartment, Dorothy berates for turning down the proposal, and provokes Trish into slapping her, and a shaken Trish turns to another hit from Simpson's inhaler.

*Malcolm takes Inez to Hogarth's, as she's promised Jessica she'll get her to a safe house, but instead asks her to tell her everything she knows about IGH, which Hogarth is very interested in after learning from Jessica's police interview that they may be capable of medical miracles.

*Jessica gets her ID from Oscar, but turns down joining Oscar, Vido, & abuela for a family dinner. At the psych facility, she draws Dave out, and learns of Dr. Karl, who worked at IGH and would go to the aquarium every day for lunch to watch the octopuses. She asks Dave to draw Dr. Karl, and stakes out the aquarium looking for him, and recognizes him in flashback when he appears. Then the Killer joins him and kisses him. Dr. Karl notices Jessica watching them, and the Killer punches cracks into the aquarium glass and they run off with the evacuating crowd.
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Griffin's proposal was so cringe-tastic. 'I wanted to ask you publicly so you couldn't say no'?? Gah, cause that isn't a creepy reason.

I did like the Detective Costa scene, and I hope he stays alive longer than Detective Clemons did.

And I'm kinda rooting for Hogarth to get super-powered healing. She's so terrifyingly ruthless as a normal human, I'd love to see what kind of super-villain she'd be.
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Oh, Griffin. No, that is some staggeringly bad proposing on his part. Trish should dump him just for thinking that was okay.

I am, however, pleased that he's not conspiring with IGH et al (as far as we know). I'm still waiting for some kind of heel turn from him, though.

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Public proposal, he's definitely evil.
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They'll just find another tank and squeeze into it through a hole the size of a quarter. An octopus boy can survive.
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So, I get that the doc needs to notice Jessica to move the story, but they could have at least made her smart enough to turn off the shutter sound on her camera. Even if you take a punk rock approach to private investigating, that is beyond dumb.
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I think the shutter sound was for the audience's benefit, though, and not necessarily what tipped off the doctor.

I'm assuming that Griffin's phone call from last episode was in regard to the proposal set up. At least he was savvy enough to realize that "thank you" was different than a "yes". Still even-odds that he's either evil or screws something important up over the next few episodes.

One thing that I didn't quite get is that you'd think there'd be bloody fingerprints all over the inside of the van & that none of them would be Jessica's. I guess that's why then ended up letting her go. Also thought the callback to Killgrave's attack on the precinct was good, though didn't he tell them to think it was a practical joke?

Last thing -- it's no wonder Jessica doesn't trust anyone. Even her friends are using her to get what they want. Trish wants to IGH to make her a superhero. Jeri wants them to cure her ALS. I wonder what Malcolm is going to do to betray her.
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Wow. Griffin got Chris Martin to play his engagement party and he *still* got shot down.
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I will be really sad if Malcolm somehow betrays Jessica :(
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"I don't give a dead moose's last shit..."
I might use that one sometime.
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