Jessica Jones: AKA Facetime
March 10, 2018 4:26 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Jessica gate-crashes an exclusive country club on the hunt for the killer, and Trish's new addiction begins to spiral out of control.

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*Jessica loses Dr. Karl in the aquarium evacuation, but notices a jewelry store whose footage should reveal more, and when her phone dries out later, sees a ring on his finger. She goes to Oscar's apartment for a drink, which leads to kissing, and sex on a paint-spilled canvas.

*Drugged-up Trish walks the streets in search of crime, follows a guy with a suspicious bulge at his waist (which turns out to just be a book) onto a bus, then drop-kicks a harasser into the street.

*Jessica wakes to Oscar painting her portrait and hightails it back to her place, where Malcolm teases her for the 'walk of shame', and tells her that he recognizes Karl's ring as being a class ring of the school he dropped out/was kicked out of. Jessica tells him to go follow up; he stands around campus until his ex is walking by, apologizes to her for his drug-addicted behavior, and uses the goodbye hug to lift her student ID.

*Inez tells Hogarth she only worked at IGH a few days before the attack, doesn't know any of the doctors' names, or the treatments. Later, a fed-up Hogarth phones Jessica to tell her she wants Jessica to find another place for Inez or she'll kick her back to the streets. Inez begins stealing Hogarth's jewelry and drugs, but is brought to a halt when she recognizes the ALS medication, and later she comes clean to Hogarth, and tells her that there was another super at IGH when she was there, a boy with healing abilities who saved her from death & paralysis after the attack

*The jewelry store footage shows Karl had to inject the Killer with a sedative to get her into the car outside the aquarium. (Also, Trish is gun-happy.)

*Malcolm's student directory reveals a Karl Malus, but investigation only turns up credit cards paid for him by Ambyhose. Jessica tracks down the owner, Justis Ambrose, at a mens-only golf club, which she sneaks into while Trish distracts security with a rant against sex discrimination, and then throwing up on them as the withdrawal kicks in. Ambrose tells Jessica that she's wrong about Karl being behind any murders, that Karl cured his baby of a congenital illness, which is why he is paying the doctor's personal expenses for life.

*Later, Ambrose calls Karl to warn him about Jessica's visit, and Karl goes to where he has the Killer chained to a bed and revives her, telling her that Jessica is coming and "it's time."

*Jess brings Trish home to sleep it off what she claims was food poisoning and post-break-up stress, but Trish trashes the place in search of the inhaler the second she leaves.

*Jessica comes home to find Oscar has finished & given her the portrait.

*Malcolm finds Trish's jacket, with inhaler, at Jessica's, and brings it over to her place. She claims it's for allergies, takes a hit, and jumps Malcolm's bones.

*Jessica ambushes Ambrose's son, Eric, and facetimes Ambrose demanding he tell her where Karl is. The address he gives her is the Killer's house, which appears empty, but when she reaches the basement room with the heavily secured door and the bed with manacles, she also finds a familiar perfume, and a vacation photo of her and her brother, and the Killer reveals herself to be Jessica's previously-presumed-dead mother.
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I twigged to the Mom reveal once I saw the bottle of Espanada. Not sure how I feel about this twist; I can't see this family reunion ending happily, ultimately. Bad enough that Jessica has always felt that her family's death was her fault, is she going to have to kill her mother for real now? Ugh.

I couldn't enjoy seeing Malcolm's ass during the sex scene; it felt so pervy, what with Trish being under the influence - she's using him, or using the sex to distract him from noticing her addiction, or both. I mean, I think that may have been the intention, that the director didn't want it to seem like sexy funtimes, as compared to Jessica/Oscar. (Which, the paint thing was cute in theory, but I shudder to think how unsexy that would be in reality, unless it was some water-based paint? How much of a pain would it be to get it off your skin and hair/out of your orifices. Not to mention clothing, since Jessica only seems to have the one pair of boots & jeans.)
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Re: Paint-sex: What oh yeah! said. (Is that eponysterical?) Not only that, but even an artist with a well paid day-job might think twice about wasting so much paint! That stuff costs money you know! Maybe it "fell off the back of a truck".

What an outrageous plot twist, turns out Jessica's mother is Darth Vader.
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In addition to the inherent problem of paint-sex, I am not sure what message I was supposed to be getting from the purple nature of the paint. Kilgrave is associated with purple both in the comic and on the show, so am I supposed to think that Jessica's sex life is now forever tainted by Kilgrave? Which, sure, rape survivors often struggle with sex after being raped, but this seemed like a weird place to go with this particular partner at this particular moment. I mean, Jessica is the kind of person who signs up for anonymous sex in public bathrooms, but this event is the one that's tainted by Kilgrave? Just.. weird. Maybe I am reading too much into it, or the wrong thing.
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Yeeeeah I’m not sure the production designers realized and or remembered that the first season is done up in shades of purple cause that’s Killgrave’s color and his name..

The opposite of purple is yellow, which would’ve fit the NYC Summer setting and the idea of breaking sunlight in an investigation but it doesnt seem like they wanted to go there.
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I would think the relationship sex would be far more triggering than the casual, seems like Kilgrave was forcing her into an imitation of the first kind rather than the second.
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Did they seriously end a sex scene with a shot of a train rushing out of a tunnel?
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Wait, so does Malcolm also think Trish had food poisoning? Because I can imagine a less sexy scenario, and I'm including being addicted to experimental steroids.
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All I could think of with the paint scene was an art critic walking into Oscar's apartment, dismissing almost all of his art as "too conventional", then seeing the oddly purple-smeared dropcloth and offering him an exorbitant sum of money for it.
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They toned all of JJ's scenes in Defenders purple, so I think they just think that's her color. Even though that's problematic.
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And on top of everything else, Trish makes a terrible vigilante.
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my god, please change that link to the Vulture review: it’s to the episode after this one. It just spoiled that episode for me. Mods can you please fix?
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thank you!!
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I don't know how that happened, about_time -- I definitely linked the episode 6 Vulture recap when I made this post on 3/10, because there was no episode 7 recap to link to when I made the next post later that evening. I see now they posted episode 7 on 3/11, they must have done something odd with the URLs in the process.
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no problemo!
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I like that Jessica has such a limited wardrobe. it rings much truer to life than a somewhat down-and-out character who nonetheless has a different outfit everyday. most people wear the same clothes pretty frequently, and messed up alcoholics who don't give AF what anyone thinks are even more likely to just wear the same damn jeans until they fall apart.
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Drugs are bad, y'all.
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I thought Jessica's voiceover to establish that she knows she's crossing lines and she's uncomfortable about it was kind of cowardly writing. Like they were too afraid that Jessica would lose our sympathy after she threatened that guy's kid.

That's the kind of thing you gotta show instead of tell. The whole drinking game--Jessica take a drink every time you feel self-loathing--works a little better, but I feel like that's starting to have diminishing returns, dramatically.
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I thought the moment of Inez recognizing Hogarth's medicine was very nicely done. On the other hand the boy with healing powers seems like it comes from another genre than the one we've been watching.

Healing powers seems way more on the "magic" end of things than any of the other superpowers we've seen on this show. But I guess the Defenders put Jessica in the same universe as ninjas using blood rituals to raise the dead, so whatever, it's the Marvel universe, I guess.
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I'm not sure we can believe Inez about the healing powers - I felt like she was manipulating Hogarth now that she knows what she was after.
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I agree, vibratory. Like, good luck proving that one if his powers only "sometimes" work.
That said, I really hope Jeri gets evil superpowers. I want to see that.

I still want to know how Jessica totally failed to recognize her mom after speaking to her, seeing her face, etc. the first time. I am taking a break to go to bed (hahahahah yeah right like I sleep) after this so maybe that's in the next episode, but I would have enjoyed that reveal a lot more had Jessica not already obviously seen the woman several times by now.

Also, is it just me or is that woman's wigs getting bigger and bigger somehow?

Trish is just making me sad. I hate addiction plots anyway (yeah, shouldn't Malcolm notice?) but she's kind of being a hotheaded jerk while high to boot.

Painting while she sleeps...Yeah, I don't know what to make of that. (You bored, dude?) Though I bet Stephenie Meyer wishes she'd done that in her books. Nice painting though.

Purple is the next darkest color to black (other than navy blue, which is so easily mistaken for black that I mess that up frequently when looking for pants in the morning) so maybe that's her color not just for Kilgrave issues, but because everything being black tinted just wouldn't show too well.
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