The Flash: Run, Iris, Run
March 13, 2018 9:04 PM - Season 4, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Team Flash confront a new bus meta, Matthew AKA Melting Pot, who has the ability to swap people's DNA, and accidentally takes Barry's speed away and gives it to Iris.
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Still not great, but probably the best one in awhile. I liked Iris' brief stint as a speedster, Barry handled the situation as gracefully as possible and we seem to have Tom Cavanaugh back.

So... movement in the right direction despite a number of complaints I could level.

Bonus points for the line about mad science just being an area of study rather than a degree, too.
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The new meta’s name was Melting Point and not Melting Pot, right? I only ask because when Cisco came up with it I thought to myself “Melting Point? So close, Cisco, but clearly Melting Pot is a more appropriate name.” And then I kept internally calling the guy Melting Pot the rest of the hour. So if oh yeah! had the same issue, then I award the Shoehorn Medal of Honor.
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Servo, I just copied the meta’s name from mytivo’s summary blurb, which wrote it as “Pot”, and the recap sites seem to agree, so, I think you just misheard “Point”
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I'm seeing it as Melting Point in other places this morning too (this article switches it up in the same paragraph!), so clearly it's multiverse trickery or a time aberration. Melting Pot is a much better name for the guy.
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Yeah, now that I’m caffeinated, I’m more confused. Melting Point makes sense as the name for the fire-powered meta. Melting Pot doesn’t make much sense as the power-swapping meta name, other than being vaguely DNA related, so maybe this is another instance of the blurb being wrong, it seems to happen pretty frequently for the CW DC shows.

Anyway, not a bad episode. Ralph and his dickish self-righteousness got on my nerves, but the Cisco/Wells stuff was fun.
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I liked Iris' turn as the Flash a lot, and Barry said all the right things even though he couldn't hide how he was feeling.

I was bothered with the Ralph subplot, mostly because they kept setting up jokes or a subplot about his eating but it never paid off. That whole character is a mess.
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Why was Iris wearing heels in her costume? Barry doesn't have heels. I didn't think Jesse had heels (at least I've never noticed any), so why did Iris need them?

I thought they had finally started to turn Ralph around as a character, but today's episode took a 180-degree turn and sent him back in the direction he began, which was not the character development I wanted to see.

I just couldn't cope with the masked/unmasked stupidity at the end when it was time to return Barry's powers. He had his mask and suit on. Iris didn't. Nobody else on team Flash did. So the only identity worth preserving is Barry's? Yeah, I get that he's the main hero of the show and the best known good guy in Central City, but still, it's silly. Why not keep Iris' identity hidden too? She's the leader of the team, so it would be easy to build a link between her and Central's favourite speedster if anybody cared. Ditto the rest of the team. And why even bother if you're going to add the new guy to the team so he can help bring down DeVoe? If he's hanging around Star Labs, he's going to bump into maskless Barry at some point.

As for the water damage and flooding caused by the tidal wave, I guess we're supposed to ignore that, right?
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The captions, which are presumably supplied by the CW or the production company, said Melting Point.
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I'm glad Iris had a good time for a while.
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I smiled at “run, Iris, run”
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Why was Iris's speed lightning purple?
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Because she's a girl, silly (and not a real speedster to boot).
posted by sardonyx at 8:35 PM on March 16, 2018

Purple is a cooler lightning color anyway, so go Iris!
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i don't dispute that it's a cooler lightning color, but i would like some explanations for that.

the story and plot was pretty good in this episode, but i just couldn't help noticing all the stuff you guys have complained about.

also, if DeVoe has been planning this forever, shouldn't he know all the bus metas by name? and also keep track of where they are for when their powers manifest? and if Team Flash is approaching said metas? for a super-genius villain he seems kind of sloppy. i would've swooped in on Matthew Kim the moment the reports said fire guy in the bank lost his powers.
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Jesse's speed lightning is yellow, the same as Barry's. Jesse and Iris both got their speed from Barry, albeit in different ways. There's no "logical" reason for Iris's lightning color to be different.
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