iZombie: Brainless in Seattle, Part 2
March 20, 2018 9:28 PM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Liv and Clive hunts down the serial killer coyote with Ravi's help. Blaine's on loose lips brain, hoping it leads to Renegade. Meanwhile, Major and his recruits hunts for that video.

They really balanced the reality of tracking down a serial killer, finding the terrifying zombie church, and Renegade getting caught, with those silly brains.

Loose lips brain is a lot of fun, as is Major doing over-the-top wrestler/Randy Savage impressions (and dancing!), but the romcom narrating of Liv and those diaries were so great. Tim was predictably unlikable once he started talking, but the little speech at the end with "Maybe our soulmates are the people who are already there, standing by our sides while romances come and go." was pretty touching, if cliched.

I figured Clive and Bozzio had an open thing going, but man you never wanna know that they're taking up that offer.

I wonder if Major will let everyone know that Angus is back and leading a church of murderous zombies...

I did feel a little let down by the serial killer getting taken down. It felt... too easy? Slightly anti-climatic. But the real story of the past two episodes was Renegade. And I really hope she makes it through this season. (With this show's track record of people dying though, I probably shouldn't hold my breath).

Ok when the DJ was like "Zombies, you get the side closest to the exit, humans to the side closest to the kitchen", I was expecting full on massacre.

- Liv: "Clive, what's even in a last name?"
- Clive: "Accountability."

- Don E: "We're gonna be billionaires!"
- Blaine: "No, no. I am a potential billionaire. You are a man who's desperate to prove his loyalty to me, so you can reap the benefits of my success."
- Don E: "That's fair."

- Don E: "I am a team player. After all, there is no "I" in billionaire.... There's two."
- Blaine: "There's three."
- Don E: "The third is silent."
- Blaine: "To life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ...You know, I've never been happy. Not even as a child."
- Don E: "Oh, this is about to get real."

- Clive: "Was that your attempt at orchestrating a meet cute?"
- Liv: "It was more of a mug cute.
- Ravi: "Or a meet cup."
- Clive: "Do not pile onto this parent trap."
- Liv: "You're really putting the no in Babineaux!"

- Major: [wrestler voice] "Liv, I know this is a weird thing to scream in your face, but I hated the way how we left things after our fight."

- Major: [wrestler voice] "You do you, girl!"

- Liv: "Tim Timmerson? No, thank you."
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Such great stuff.

'I'm in charge of a vast criminal enterprise. Gotta run: I need to do horrible things to a nice old lady.'

'I'm just glad she's happy!'

I'm glad there are more zombies, providing a reason for so many characters to act out of character.
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The ending was very sweet.
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Major on wrestler brains after he had been so dour in the first few episodes was the best. I was laughing so hard I missed most of the ending and had to watch it again.
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Ughghghh he's not a "serial killer," he's a mercenary, no? He's selling the human brains.

I expected "Humans vs Zombies dance party" to be some sort of exploitative cage match, and was super pleasantly surprised that it's...actually a dance party serving a legit good social function? Wristbanding encourages both zombies and humans (even those who kinda want to stick with their own kind) to not mind all being on the dance floor together. Plus, presumably there are zombies and humans who get off on the risk of mixed-mortality hookups and this lets them assess that risk up front.

Okay, can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have less "Liz on brains doing her job badly" and more "other favorite zombies on brains doing charmingly out-of-character things" (e.g. MOAR WRESTLIN' MAJOR).
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