Black Lightning: The Book of Little Black Lies
March 20, 2018 7:57 PM - Season 1, Episode 9 - Subscribe

In the aftermath of the latest killing, Black Lightning works to clear his name. Meanwhile, Jennifer tries to come to terms with superpowers and family secrets. (Also, it's costume reveal week for Thunder, and Gambi makes an unsettling discovery.)
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Ok, hold the phone. I loved this mostly, but at the climax did the the big bad smarmy blonde guy just...disappear? Like when the lights went out? They arrested the scientist mook he was holding hostage, but they just let him get away completely?

That aside, frig I love this show. I'm glad they didn't kill off detective buddy or ninja tailor.
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Yeah, that was kind of vague, and weird. I'm guessing he's one of the Big Bads who won't die (or get captured) that easily.

Personally, the thing that caught me was Anissa just saying "I'm thunder" to Jennifer, as if that's supposed to mean something. Black Lightning has history to his particular (brand) recognition, where Thunder is an upstart who named herself and hasn't made any public statements. So where is this Thunder fanclub coming from? Did she self-brand at some public event an I forgot about it?

Also, I liked the passing comment to The Princess and the Frog (YT UK trailer #2), Disney's 2009 animated feature film, featuring the first African-American Disney Princess.
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On rewinding, I could see the ASA baddie's gun arm moving out of frame the second the lights cut out. The blocking could have been better for that scene, what with Black Lightning just standing there waiting to get shot in the back -- like, I thought they were setting up that he was perfectly aware of the guy at his back and was going to do some dramatic super-hero move of zapping him away with one hand while never taking his eyes off the ASA guy & his hench-doctor/hostage, but, no, he was just presenting himself as the perfect target so Henderson could swoop in to do the hero thing. (And, yeah, I was also getting worried about Henderson after his 'make sure my family knows I was a good guy' speech. I'm glad they didn't kill him off this episode, and hope he makes it through the season.)

That scene between Jennifer and Lynn was so good.

I don't entirely love Anissa's official costume -- the glare off of her visor kept making her look cross-eyed, and it looks kinda low-budget in the same way as Black Lightning's costume does. But I do appreciate how much more practical and less overtly sexualized it looks as compared to pretty much every other CW super heroine costume out there, so, that's nice. I wonder if we'll get a costume for Jennifer this season?

Oh, and I guess the warehouse full of people Gambi found must connect with what Lady Eve was doing to that not-dead-after-all person she was working on at the funeral home that time, that she was delivering supers to them still?
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How do people know her name is Thunder? How does she have fan pages already? What do people think about BL having a sidekick now? Does anyone suspect she's his kid? Just wondering.

The suit was sweet.

I'm amused that Vixen and Supergirl were name dropped. I look forward to the inevitable crossover episode next season.
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I just assumed Supergirl and Vixen were supposed to be comic book heroes, like the Outsiders. The only reason I say this is because Vixen is on Earth-One along with Green Arrow and Flash, and Supergirl isn't.

I'm really not sure about Gambi's aesthetic with regards to the glowing belt buckles. (Thunder's glowed too, didn't it, it wasn't just shiny and reflective, right?) Is that really where you want the bad guys to focus when you walk out of a dark alley?
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I have to laugh every time I see Black Lightning casing a scene in his glowing costume. Dude, spying on someone while lit up like a Christmas tree is not the smartest strategy!

That said, this episode was fantastic. Anissa's palpable joy at being a powered superhero and Jennifer's teenage anger and confusion upon learning she has powers were handled perfectly.
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yeah, complaints about glowing costumes aside, this was a great episode. the family dynamics is still the best thing about this show.
posted by numaner at 6:10 PM on March 27, 2018

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